Indoor Shootout: HTC One X versus Nokia 808 PureView

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Nap time today, my eyes were wide awake. Sleep seemed far. It was not a bright afternoon. There was some cloud cover and the sun hidden away for the most part. There, laying in bed in my room, I had a sudden inspiration to do another shootout. This was around a quarter to 5PM.

What I did was take the shots, focusing (via touch) on a specific object, and then cropped that area out in each shot. One X is on the left on all images.

Scene One
Both cameras set to 8 megapixels in automatic mode, with flash off and each set to low-light shooting modes.

Indoor, no flash

You can see how the 808 captures far more light and details.

Scene Two
Both cameras still on 8 megapixels and automatic mode, but with flash turned on for both.

wpid PhotoGrid 1351699750663

Again, this time with flashlight, the 808 trounces the One X. The latter’s LED flash struggles to keep up with the 808’s Xenon unit.

Here is what both shootouts look like cropped in a collage (no flash images at the top, and One X on the left):

Crops in a grid

There really is no competition here. I wish I could get my hands on a Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 and pit those against the 808 PureView.

100% Mobile
The images were cropped on each respective smartphone, as both have capable enough editors built in. The collages were put together using Photo Grid HD on the HTC One X, and this article was typed out and uploaded in WordPress for Android on the same device. The much larger display of the HTC makes for easier text input and formatting.

In essence, you are reading a blog post in which EVERYTHING was done entirely on two mobile devices.

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  1. Like i said before comparing the HTC One X to the 808 is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. But that being said it didnt do too badly in the no flash shot, was the pic taken in pitch dark conditions or with indoor lighting

  2. Oh, and note that the One X is reckoned to be about the best of the current Android-powered smartphones, camera-wise. I rather find the One X camera uninspiring. Perhaps I have just been spoilt by really good cameraphones.

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