Things get heated some more as Hong-Kong-based smartphone brand LEAGOO enters Nigeria and has set itself up to go up against Infinix Mobility via a collaboration with…

Infinix Challenger! LEAGOO Enters Nigeria on Jumia

Things get heated some more as Hong-Kong-based smartphone brand LEAGOO enters Nigeria and has set itself up to go up against Infinix Mobility via a collaboration with e-commerce platform, Jumia.


Infinix Challenger! LEAGOO Enters Nigeria on Jumia

The mobile market in recent years has witnessed quite a few emerging phone makers entered the rising African market. One of them is LEAGOO Global, a Hong Kong-based leading export brand. Established in 2014, LEAGOO now has a presence in more than 40 countries globally. Recently LEAGOO has marked its entry into the booming African e-commerce market and launched its official online store on the largest local online retailer — Jumia.


In collaboration with Jumia, LEAGOO plans to provide diversified smartphones with interesting specs to fit local users needs.

The Infinix Challenger

Infinix Mobile, the dominating smartphone brand in Africa, is still ruling the African smartphone market. But with a number of emerging phone brands like LEAGOO entering the market recently, local consumers can have a wider array of smartphones to choose from.


For Infinix, its business model in Africa combines both online shops and third-party physical retailers. LEAGOO, however, focuses on the e-commerce only, making available its devices on online platforms such as Jumia in Nigeria. The e-commerce sales strategy can help keep prices down by eliminating costs of operating bricks & mortar stores. Cutting out middlemen from the distribution chain has also reduced the threat of counterfeiting its products.

Local Customer Service

Regarding customer service, Infinix’s third-party service brand – Carlcare has recently caused a great number of customer complaints around the world, e.g. charging extra repair fees, long repair time (normally 15 working days) and even claims of repair frauds! LEAGOO has also established its own global service brand – LEAGOO Care.

But unlike Infinix, LEAGOO claims its local service centers can repair phones within much shorter time (normally 3-7 working days) and provide more professional customer experience because LEAGOO service centers are run by LEAGOO officials, not a third-party agent.

LEAGOO targets young consumers aged between 18 to 35 who have rational consumption and take customer supports seriously. By providing them high-tech handsets with the most affordable budgets, LEAGOO appeals to the youth with features such as a long-lasting battery, big and high-resolution display screens, dual-SIM capacity, as well as a variety of colours to choose from. What’s more, with LEAGOO Care service support, customers can always have their LEAGOO phones repaired in local place with fast and professional after-service experience.

By recent entry into the Nigerian e-commerce market on Jumia, LEAGOO clearly decides to challenge its Infinix counterpart upfront. With high specification devices at affordable prices and professional customer service system, will LEAGOO be a capable competitor to shake the foundation of Infinix in Africa? Let’s wait and see.

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  1. This is beautiful i love it. This will surely instigate healthy competition. Customers are the end beneficiary.

  2. Where is the Leagoo carlcare center in Nigeria? All these Leagoo phones are not locally available; buyers still have to wait for 2 weeks or more b4 d phone lands in Night. It is just like when I order directly from Gearbest or AliExpress.

  3. Their presence here is just being made.With time they will get themself established.We need good and affordable phones with right specs in the country.
    More choices are being awaited.

  4. good day, please how can i fix my leagoo kiicaa mix fone here in ilorin kwara state?
    i need the touch

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