Infinix HOT 8 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy A10 comparison review

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We set the Infinix HOT 8 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy A10 2019 in this face off to see which budget Android phone offers the better bang for money. The results are stark and perhaps only the condition of your pocket will influence your choice.

For years, Infinix has been selling tons of smartphones in the mid-range, so this is its turf. However, Samsung is taking the fight to the enemy with members of its new Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A10 2019 has been around for a while now, and when the HOT 8 Lite showed up, we knew they would go head-to-head in the market. This Infinix HOT 8 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy A10 2019 comparison review was inevitable, and here it is now.

Infinix HOT 8 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy A10: Quick Specs Comparison

Infinix HOT 8 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy A10
Infinix HOT 8 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy A10 comparison review

Both phones are in the same price range, suitable for people who have no more than ₦40,000 ($113) to spend on a smartphone. And our first port of call is the comparison table that everyone loves to go through. Let’s have a look at how these two mid-range smartphones stand side by side.

Infinix HOT 8 Lite Samsung Galaxy A10
6.6 inches, 720 x 1600 pixels, 20:9 ratio IPS TFT display 6.2 inches, 720 x 1560 pixels, 19:9 ratio IPS LCD display
Android™ 8.1 (Go Edition) + XOS Android 9 Pie + One UI
Quad-core Helio A22, 1.3 GHz Octa-core EXYNOS 7884, 1.6 GHz
8MP selfie camera 5MP selfie camera
8 MP + QVGA rear dual camera with LED flash 13 rear camera with LED flash
32 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD, up to 256 GB 32 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD slot, up to 1 TB
5000 mAh battery 3400 mAh battery
$103 (₦36,500) $113 (₦40,000)

Both phones have a waterdrop notch display, rear dual cameras, rear-mounted fingerprint reader, as well as face unlock. The Galaxy A10 has Samsung’s custom Android skin, One UI, while the HOT 8 Lite runs Infinix’s XOS. Which of those skins you prefer is a question of your personal taste.

Both have the same internal storage and RAM: 32GB and 2GB respectively. If you are not familiar with mobile terminology, RAM is memory that is allocated to running apps.

And this is where the similarities end, and from this point, the two phones diverge, one clearly taking the upper hand over the other in this Infinix HOT 8 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy A10 comparison. If you looked at the table, you can tell already; can’t you?

Where Infinix HOT 8 Lite has the edge

Infinix Hot 8 lite dual camera

Infinix HOT 8 Lite has a bigger display. A lot of people love big screens these days, so that is something. Plus it has the new, fancier, taller 20:9 aspect ratio. That is a novelty to experience.

And we are yet to meet anyone who is irked that their smartphone has a battery that can keep it alive for over 2 days. People who want a phone with long battery life will love the HOT 8 Lite.

There is always the question about camera performance. The HOT 8 lite has a higher specc’d selfie camera and a dual rear camera. The Galaxy A10’s rear camera is a single shooter. Which is better? A shootout will settle things.

Where Samsung Galaxy A10 has the edge

Samsung Galaxy a10 2019 rear camera

Besides screen and battery size, the HOT 8 Lite loses almost everything else to the Galaxy A10.

The Korean product has a more powerful, more capable processor, better expandable storage features, and better software. The jury is still out on the cameras, so while we are tempted to award them to Samsung, we must hold back from doing so till we see sample photos.

Infinix HOT 8 Lite vs Samsung Galaxy A10: Who Wins?

In terms of more capable features, the Samsung Galaxy A10 clearly has the lead over Infinix Hot 8 Lite. Which brings us to the matter of price. There is a ₦3,500 difference in their prices. It isn’t much for some people, but knowing that the purchasing power of many millions of Nigerians is extremely limited, it is enough to make a difference in sales numbers. Plus, that 5000mAh battery is a strong pull for the same millions.

Even we wish the Samsung had at least 4000mAh battery capacity. That would have made the Korean-made smartphone near perfect. But 3400mAh it is and there is nothing we can do about that. Despite this sour point, we are convinced that the Galaxy A10 is the better value for money.

But which you decide to purchase is up to you, depending on your unique circumstances – Infinix HOT 8 Lite or Samsung Galaxy A10 2019?

PS: The HOT 8 Lite is the less endowed variant of the Infinix HOT 8.

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