Infinix Hot S 4G bands: Which LTE networks are supported?

What LTE networks work on the Infinix Hot S 4G phone, aka Infinix X521? We set out to find out.

The Infinix Hot S is a 4G LTE smartphone that supports Smile’s LTE band 20(800) and Ntel’s 3(1800) / 8(900) bands on paper. But as you may already know, that is no guarantee that the phone is actually compatible with the network. LTE compatibility is messy. That a device is specified as supporting a 4G network’s frequency bands does not mean it will necessarily work with it.

So, the team took the pains to try out SIM cards from both networks in the phone. See our findings from the Infinix Hot S 4G tests after the jump.

Ntel: Infinix Hot S 4G test

Putting an Ntel 4G SIM card into the Infinix Hot S gave us the surprise of our lives. Almost instantly, the phone locked on to the network. It is the fastest 4G LTE lock that we have obtained on any of the smartphones we have run a 4G test with. Note that we could only use it in data-only mode. No voice.

Smile: Infinix Hot S 4G test

We got very similar results with a Smile 4G SIM card in the Hot S – it locked to the network immediately and we were browsing in no time. As with Ntel, we could use the Smile SIM only with the phone set to 4G only network mode.

Infinix Hot S 4G Bands: Conclusions

The Infinix Hot S is a winner here. It works well with both Smile and Ntel 4G networks, so you can buy it without fear of compatibility issues with either 4G network. Under Network Mode in the phone Settings, 4G only option is available there, and that is the mode we used for both SIM cards. The phone also latches on to the networks very fast.

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