How Infinix messed up the Beau called Hot S

That moment when excitement turns into disappointment. When someone poured sand into your garri. When Infinix decides to make a lovely device called the Hot S, but then make the SIM2 slot either for a SIM OR an SD Card! I sort of see myself as a Semi-Geek (the likes of Elroy and Mr. Mo are the full ones). But I’ve now been beaten when it comes to device purchasing – not once but twice! Maybe it’s time to actually drop the Geek tag altogether and remain VERY humble.

Infinix Hot S hand

That moment when excitement turns into disappointment, when someone poured sand into your garri, when Infinix decides to make a lovely device called the Hot S but then make the SIM2 slot either for a SIM OR an SD Card!

So, I’ve been contemplating on changing my device now for a couple of weeks and what I actually wanted was a device that is compatible with Nigerian LTE networks; has expandable memory, 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. The type of device that Mr. Mo calls the Super Mid-range Smartphone. Now because of the nice experience I had with my Infinix Note 2 of blessed memory, I decided I was going to go for the Infinix Hot S (3GB RAM and 32GB ROM version). So I posted my 6-month old Note 2 for sale online. I sold it for less than 9k of purchase price without the charger this past Saturday. Now you see, all of a sudden, I was without a phone!

Since the 3GB/32GB version of the Hot S isn’t available yet and I can’t afford the likes of the Gionee M5+, I decided to go for the 2GB/16GB variant after confirming from Mr. Mo’s post that it’s a Go for Smile and Ntel LTE data.

I placed my order yesterday and the device was delivered to me in Ibadan this afternoon. It was with excitement that I tore into the packaging. But the excitement didn’t quite last long as it was replaced with utter shock and disappointment when I discovered that I cannot use an expandable memory with the device if I want to use 2 SIM cards! This had happened to me before with the InnJoo One but then this is a worse situation. How did I miss this?! I know I have the option of returning the device within 7 days of purchase, but then I DO NOT have any other smartphone to even manage in the meantime. If I do decide to keep it, the two scenario I can see doesn’t really look appealing at all.

Option 1: Get a 64GB/128GB SDCard and mount as the internal storage to compensate for the low ROM. This option though leaves me with one SIM/network and No LTE network to enjoy unless I want to turn the mobile phone to one rather expensive LTE browsing/music/video only device.

Option 2: Use an LTE SIM and a GSM SIM and be stuck with the measly 16GB ROM!
But I guess I should stop whining!

Anyway, there’s one clear lesson I’ve learnt now, ask ALL the questions possible before going for that next device so you don’t have stories that touch the heart to tell thereafter. I’ll keep you updated on what I eventually decide to do. Whatever it is though, I’ll be looking to change my phone in about 6-8 months time again.


  1. Same problem I had most phones come with this annoyance, I eventually went (imported) for the Ulefone Paris as it had 2 sim slots and a slot for micro sd card.

    It is also an LTE

  2. Thanks Lanre, the thing is I hardly read other tech blogs (or any blog for that matter) and I guess I wasn’t expecting this at all.

  3. That is the selling point of gionee marathon series, they all have dedicated micro SD card slot, but at a price…

  4. Not sure I’d say that’s the selling point. It is the battery life hence the name marathon.

  5. Sorry Kayode….


    What’s that caveat about “buyer beware”? You need to keep a list to hand of phones with two SIM slots and a separate MicroSD slot vs those with a convertible SIM/Micro SD card . Now THAT’S an article…

  6. Lots of hacks on youtube that let you use dual sims and still use an sd card, someone even pulled in off on a dual sim galaxy s7.

  7. @Emma I’ve seen some of them and they require too much faffing around to achieve the objective. I watched one for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and was like “nah, too much stress”.

    If you’re really really desperate *looks at Kayode* then try it, but be aware of the risk you’re taking as well. It’s not a simple job of trim a SIM and fit it.

  8. Agree its not simple, only for those who are really desperate. OEM,s had to compromise as devices get thinner.

  9. Naaa. I definitely won’t be trying at all. Remember I’m a retired semi-geek!

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