Not too long ago, I was searching for a smartphone to pick as my primary device. I wanted something with a lot of power under

Infinix Mobility needs to work on their product design

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Not too long ago, I was searching for a smartphone to pick as my primary device. I wanted something with a lot of power under the hood but that wouldn’t require me to steal a bank building. After searching and searching, one of my shortlisted devices was Infinix Mobility’s Zero 3. It ticked all the right boxes. Well, almost.

Infinix Mobility product design - Zero 3 X552

It has one unforgivable trait – Infinix Mobility’s lack of taste in the design department. Apart from being all tepid plastic, I just won’t be caught dead carrying about a phone with such a bland look as the Zero 3.

Then, recently I heard that the Hot S was on its way and would be an all-metal phone. With excitement, I said to the rest of the team, “It looks like Infinix is finally going to give us a beautiful device!”

Infinix Mobility product design - Hot S rear in hand
The Hot S manages to look exciting on the rear end….

Then we got to see the phone and our excitement died out. How Infinix Mobility managed to make a metal design look as unexciting as this beats me. But they pulled it off. Finally, I am convinced that the brand needs to overhaul its design team, if any exists.

Infinix Hot S front in hand
…but flip it around and the front is typical infinix Mobility bland.

I will take the TECNO Camon C9 a hundred times over the Hot S, though they are in the same price range. The C9 is a good looking phone. Infinix has produced smartphones that get the low-end market well. But low-end doesn’t mean it has to be bland. But a N40,000 – N50,000 smartphone isn’t low end anyway. There is no valid reason why the Zero 3 or the Hot S should be the bland plastic and metal designs that they are.

I have owned over 160 phones since 2001. While I have reviewed lots of Infinix smartphones and spoken glowingly of many of them, not once has an Infinix smartphone been my primary device. I have used phones by Nokia, Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry, Sony, TECNO and others as primary devices at different times. Never an infinix. I got to thinking about it. Infinix Mobility product design is why. It was why I passed on the Zero 3. It was why I passed every other competent smartphone of theirs.

PS: Speaking of design, did the local shaman also divine to Infinix Mobility that if they put Gorilla Glass (or alternative) on their phones (at least the flagship grade models), the sky would fall and the world come to an end?


  1. It’s true Yomi. Infinix lack good taste in their phone brand designs.
    That’s why the likes of them can only play in third world markets like Nigeria.

    And they are mistaken to think that because we are a third world market, Nigerians don’t care or appreciate exquisite phone designs.
    We do. Just look at a cross section of class-conscious Nigerians who show off their latest sleek iPhones and Galaxies. Nigerians have taste.

    But the damage Infinix are doing to their brand with bland, uninspiring designs is the sustenance of the image and perception of them as a CHEAP and BUDGET brand for the poor.

    If they are now selling phones which cost N50k and above, then their brand designs too need to look premium, not budget.

  2. I really don’t understand what you guys are talking about, regarding blandness.

    Perhaps the iSheep bug of placing emphasis on design instead of functionality is spreading its pernicious tentacles?

    Could just be me… but I hardly ever think about looks in choosing a phone. Is a phone a fashion accessory ni?

  3. The back of that infinix hot S is sensational with the gold blend, but if its just the front, which is supposed to be more inviting, i wouldn’t go for it at all.

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