Infinix Note 3 photos: a fine specimen

We got our hands on the recently released Infinix Note 3. It is actually the first Infinix Mobility smartphone that I find aesthetically appealing. With a 6-inch display, the Note 3 is big. But it is also really fine. We have a well-crafted metal design here. The lines are nice and tastefully finished. Have a look at some Infinix Note 3 photos that I took just for your pleasure.

Infinix Note 3 Photos

Infinix Note 3 Photos in hand-min

Infinix Note 3 Photos homescreen ondesk-min

Infinix Note 3 Photos front top-min

Infinix Note 3 Photos rear-min

Infinix Note 3 Photos rear camera fingerprint scanner-min

Infinix Note 3 Photos app drawer-min

Infinix Note 3 Photos dropdown menu-min

Infinix Note 3 Photos XOS-min

It is interesting that just recently, I wrote about how Infinix Mobility needed to work on their product design. Perhaps I spoke too soon. Or perhaps this is an exception to what would continue as the norm for the company. Only time will tell.

One thing is clear: the Note 3 is the first product from Infinix that looks and feels very pleasing to my senses. It is a fine specimen of a device. Everyone I have showed it to agree with me that it is the best design ever to come out of the stables of Infinix.

The unit we have is the 3G version. There is a 4G version that will be out later. I do not know why Infinix makes two different versions of each device, releases the lesser version at launch and then quietly releases the more advanced version into the market at a later date. I do not know if it grates anybody else, but it grates me.

There is a fingerprint scanner at the back. True to all Note devices, it packs a big battery – 4,500 mAh capacity in this case. USB OTG, for plugging in a flash drive, is here.

Anyway, the Infinix Note 3 3G is here and looking the part – a phablet that any business man would feel pleased to carry into a meeting. You may also want to have a look at the full Infinix Note 3 specifications.

Infinix Note 3 first look: a fine specimen
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Infinix Note 3 first look: a fine specimen
Say hello to the first Infinix Mobility smartphone that I find aesthetically appealing. Here are some Infinix Note 3 photos and first impressions.
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