Mister Mobility’s Infinix Note 3 review is out, and the verdict is that this big, bold and beautiful phablet is a pleasant surprise. Dive in

Infinix Note 3 Review

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Mister Mobility’s Infinix Note 3 review is out, and the verdict is that this big, bold and beautiful phablet is a pleasant surprise. Dive in to share his experience.

The 2016 version of JIM’s Big Thing is the Infinix Note 3, a 6-inch display hunk that has got us drooling here at MobilityArena. We have had it for about two weeks now. We have put it through all the hoops and have our verdict ready for you.

Infinix Note 3 Review -front

If you have not seen them already, you should have a look at some of the informative articles we already have published on the Infinix Note 3:

Infinix Note 3 Review: Quick Pros And Cons

Before we dive into the review proper, starting with the major pros and cons.

Key Features Cons
Improved beautiful design and solid, premium build No toughened glass protection for the screen
Big, crisp 6-inch display is great for reading, editing, viewing photos and watching videos. The loudspeaker is not very loud
Fingerprint sensor Some XOS bloatware
Easy, breezy user interface
Dedicated microSD card slot

Infinix Note 3 Review: Hardware/Design

What we have here is a shift in design compared to previous Infinix phones. If you think the Infinix Hot S is beautiful, the Note 3 is even more so. What we have here is a well crafted metal unibody. With a 6-inch display, the Note 3 is a big smartphone, but it is a pleasant, solid one. From whatever angle you look at it, it allures you. That allure makes us keep picking up the device again and again – and we have quite a number of beautiful devices in the house here at Mobility Arena.

Infinix Note 3 Review -expansion-slots

The rear of the phone has the 13 megapixel camera, dual LED flash, and fingerprint scanner. On the left hand side is the eject-able dual-SIM compartment. On the right side we have another eject-able compartment for the micro-SD card, as well as the volume rockers and the power/lock button.

In cold weather, being made of metal, the Infinix Note 3 feels quite cold to the touch.

Infinix Note 3 Review: Software

The Infinix Note 3 runs Android 6 Marshmallow under Infinix Mobility’s XOS user interface. We already have a the full software review of XOS Chameleon, so you might want to check that out too.

One nifty feature is that from time to time, you are notified of the power intensive apps on the phone.

XOS has a number of apps pre-installed though. These include: Ultra Power, XManager, XAccount, XClub, XHide and XWeather. While they may provide some utility, depending on your needs, none of them are uninstallable.

Infinix Note 3 Review: Display and Multimedia

The Note 3’s 6-inch display has a resolution of 1,080 x 1920. In numbers, that’s 367 ppi. Which is very good. The display comes out really sharp with rich colors. Viewing angles are great too.

As is custom with Infinix devices though, there’s no Gorilla Glass protection or similar here.

There is a dual speaker grill at the bottom end of the phone. The left sided one harbors the mic. Sound production is good but not quite loud enough. We had to plug in an external speaker to enjoy audio from movies. A set of headphones help with that too.

Infinix Note 3 Review: Photography

Infinix Note 3 Review -rear-features

The Infinix Note 3 has a rear 13 megapixel lens with dual LED flash and a front-facing 8 megapixel unit with LED flash for selfies. The main camera takes pictures of good quality. Details and colour reproduction are quite good. The surprise here is that the front-facing camera is quite good too. The flash light is not the usual soft flash that most front-facing cameras use. It is a proper flash light, and it produces decent results – better than we have seen in many cases.

We have ended up loving the cameras on the Note 3.

Infinix Note 3 Review: Multitasking/Performance

In everyday use, the Infinix Note 3 performs smoothly most of the time. During heavy multitasking, there are moments that it slows down quite a bit. Not once did it heat up though. We are not sure whether that is because of the current wet weather in Lagos or it is that Infinix Mobility has optimised the device.

You can see our benchmark test results HERE.

Infinix Note 3 Review

Infinix Note 3 Review: Battery life

The Infinix Note 3 is equipped with a 4500 mAh battery. You won’t be worrying about your phone draining fast of battery power. It just keeps going. With fast charge built in, battery and charging are strong points of the Infinix Note 3.

Infinix Note 3 Review: Miscellaneous

This phone has no back lit capacitive buttons. It has USB OTG that works well. Call clarity is good on this device. And the fingerprint scanner works as expected.

Infinix Note 3 Photos app drawer-min

Infinix Note 3 Review: Final Words
The Infinix Note 3 is undoubtedly a beautiful device. It is the most beautiful Infinix smartphone till date. But It isn’t all beauty. there’s brawn here too. It ticks all all the right boxes. Good battery life. Big, bright display. Decent cameras. Large internal memory plus memory card slot. Android Marshmallow. A beautiful body.

There’s only one thing else left to be desired about this unit: we wish it was 4G LTE. As is usual for Infinix, no release date has been announced for the 3GB RAM 4G version. In all probability, it will hit the market quietly just like previous variants did.

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  1. I handled a friend’s unit yesterday… That phone is beautiful, indeed the most beautiful Infinix phone so far. I fell in love again and again. I currently use Note 2 and I can’t wait for the 3gb 4G Note 3 variant.

  2. Hello. Good review. The 4G/LTE version is out, not just at all outlets in Lagos. Its designation is X601 LTE. The only difference is it comes with 4G/LTE & 3Gb RAM.

  3. Calculated review… amazing.
    Thnkuh 😘
    With love from pakistan ❤
    Thx to infinix em goin to buy frst tym infinx i just fell in love with note 3pro.

  4. Pls I’d like to know where to get d pro version, I’ve checked online, asked around in d past few days, nobody seem to be selling it. Thanks.

  5. adil are you using this phone in pakistan ?? how is it working? has it crashed once in a while?

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