Infinix Note 4 LTE Tests

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The Infinix Note 4 is a 4G LTE smartphone that supports the LTE bands of MTN, Etisalat, Smiles and Ntel on paper. But as you may already know, that is no guarantee that the phone is actually compatible with the network. LTE compatibility is messy. That a device is specified as supporting a 4G network’s frequency bands does not mean it will necessarily work with it.

So, we took the pains to run Infinix Note 4 LTE tests. We ran tests on the six (6) 4G networks that we have access to here at MobilityArena. Here are our findings.

Infinix Note 4 LTE Tests: MTN and Etisalat

Putting in an MTN and Etisalat 4G SIM cards in the Infinix Note 4 gave us instant access to their respective networks. No issues whatsoever. And what makes it even sweeter is the fact that XOS lets users peg Network Mode to 4G only should they need to. We soon found out with further use that XOS has changed and this, it time does not offer the ability to peg to 4G. You can peg to 2G and 3G, but not 4G. See our Infinix Note 4 Pro Review for details.

Infinix Note 4 LTE Tests: Smile

Putting in a Smile SIM card, the Note 4 immediately picked a signal and once we created an APN, 4G service went live and we were browsing without issues.

Infinix Note 4 LTE Tests: Ntel

We had no trouble using an Ntel 4G SIM card with the Infinix Note 4. The phone promptly picked up the signal and automatically configured its APN and we were browsing in no time.

The removal of the ability to peg network mode to 4G is a bummer with us. Using a 4G SIM from one of the above networks means that your Note 4 Pro will often cycle through 2G, 3G and 4G depending on signal strength of each where available. Don’t forget to see our Infinix Note 4 Pro Review for more details.

What Of The Others?

While we knew from the specs sheet that the Note 4 does not support the 4G LTE bands of both Glo and Spectranet, we ran tests for them as well all the same. You just never can tell.

Infinix Note 4 LTE Tests: Glo

The Note 4 does not support Glo’s LTE band and so did not pick Glo 4G signal.

Infinix Note 4 LTE Tests: Spectranet

The Infinix Note 4 does not support Spectranet’s LTE band and so did not pick Spectranet 4G signal.

And so, it is a wrap for our Infinix Note 4 LTE tests. Other hands-on review articles are on the way. If interested, check out the Infinix Note 4 specifications page.


  1. Hi Ige,

    Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the Glo 4G matter. That is the LTE band they were allocated. Anyone interested in using Glo 4G just has to get a smartphone compatible with it.

  2. So this phone was only made for those using mtn,etisalat,ntel&smile network who then epp self.

  3. The Note 4 works with regular 2G and 3G networks. If you want to use 4G on it in Nigeria though, you’re limited to those networks.

  4. Isn’t it crazy that their lower specs phones gets Spectranet but this ‘latest’ one doesn’t? Someone should explain this to me please. #SMH

  5. Because of this non spectranet compatibility, I’ll be holding on to my S2 pro for a while.

  6. Kayode,

    It looks to me like Nfinix made several compromises in order to keep the Note 4 within a price range. I look at the material it is made of, the LTE band support, and how it is generally not so much of an upgrade from the Note 3, and that is my conclusion.

  7. Wow that’s is good text for a 📱 at least Glo users should note this.
    But it should have supported all network

  8. Technology at its finest. I still get astounded when I see how a small thing can multi-task. Awesome.

  9. The idea of not working with some network 4G LTE is not a good thing, because some of us are browsing with Glo line and spectranet. Most Nigerian won’t like this

  10. This article is misleading, 4g on infinix note 4 pro works but for a short time, it swaps to the slow H+, and take a long time to give another short visit to mister 4g, sometimes I use my Samsung j1 as hot-spot, because this one really sticks on 4g without problems.

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