Infinix Note 4 versus Infinix Note 4 Pro Comparison Review

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These two phones are identical in more ways than not. We highlight the differences in our Infinix Note 4 versus Infinix Note 4 Pro comparison review.

Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 Pro have exactly the same display size and resolution, same processor, same cameras, and same 4G LTE bands. While there is a 2 GB / 16 GB model of the Note 4, the variant which we reviewed and so are using for this comparison is the 3 GB RAM / 32 GB storage option. That is exactly the same combination that the Note 4 Pro has.

But they do have some differences. And it is those differences between the two siblings that we are highlighting in this comparison review. We have also included benchmark test results for both devices.

Infinix Note 4 versus Infinix Note 4 Pro Comparison review

Infinix Note 4 versus Infinix Note 4 Pro Comparison Table

ItemInfinix Note 4Infinix Note 4 Pro
Body BuildPolycarbonateMetal
Battery4,300 mAh + XCharge4,500 mAh + XCharge
AnTuTu Score38,47438,915
Geekbench Score623 Single-Core; 2,672 Multi-Core625 Single-Core; 2,601 Multi-Core

Infinix Note 4 versus Infinix Note 4 Pro Comparison Breakdown

Having seen the differences in a table format, let’s break down our live experiences with the two phones.

In terms of look and feel, the Infinix Note 4 Pro is the classier of the two devices. It looks and feels much better than the Note 4. The metal build is miles better. Given a choice, we will rather carry the Pro around.

In all use cases, we didn’t notice any differences in performance between the two of them, just like the benchmark tests in the above table indicate. The truth is that minus the physical build, the Note 4 and Note 4 Pro are pretty much the same device in use. If you have used one, you have used the other.

The Infinix Note 4 Pro has the bigger battery of the two and so it stays alive longer, all other conditions being equal.


Lastly, but not in the least insignificant, the Note 4 Pro comes with the Xpen (though we hear that it is also available for sale without the Xpen). The Xpen is an active/electronic stylus, for more creative people. Most people won’t need it or find any use for it, but artists, designers and the like will find it a valuable tool. We will dedicate an article to review the Xpen.


In conclusion, the choice is yours, but we are pretty sure that most people will opt for the Pro version if they can spare the extra bucks. So, tell us, which is your preferred between the two?

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  1. Obviously, if cash isn’t a problem, the Note 4 Pro is the definite choice. I’m still weighing my options sha 🙂

  2. If 8k isn’t a problem then the Note 4 pro has it especially for its aesthetics (abi wetin oyinbo de call am). But then again that 8k can get you 8months worth of Internet data subscription.😁

  3. Infinix Note 4 Pro is the winner here, if I were to go for any of the two, I will definitely choose Note 4 Pro. My reason is because of the RAM size and the huge battery capacity, not because of the look or body material, the system display and good functionality is all I care about in a mobile phone.

  4. I’m not saying that, the battery on Note 4 isn’t good, at least the difference is just 200mAh, but that can also do a lot.

  5. I still dnt get why they three variants. If the issue was price, the Infinix Hot series is there for those who do not want to spend too much on a phone.
    They should have just gone with the Note 4 Pro only

  6. There’s not much difference in the specs likewise the price. However, to me it is a question of making a choice between two likeable things of which one is superior regardless of the price.

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