Infinix Mobility released the Note 4 Pro with an Xpen stylus. Long-time Mobilista, Fred Akinrelere, shares his Infinix Note 4 Pro Xpen Experience after weeks

Updated: A User’s Infinix Note 4 Pro Xpen Experience

Infinix Mobility released the Note 4 Pro with an Xpen stylus. Long-time Mobilista, Fred Akinrelere, shares his Infinix Note 4 Pro Xpen Experience after weeks of using it.


Update on my Infinix Note 4 Pro Xpen Experience

2nd November 2017: If you’ve read the post below, you know what my initial thoughts and experience were. I do have some great news now though. There was this recent OTA update to XOSv2.3 (got mine on October 24) and soon after installing the update, my xpen has been working again. I can’t say for certain if this was responsible for the fix but as I privately shared with Mr. Yomi Adegboye (Mister Mo), owner of this blog, when there was no difference immediately after the update, I had to push the xpen absolutely inside the slot and then it picked up… but I have since that time been inserting the xpen without making any extra effort and the device and xpen are both working without any issues.

I read through the readers comments and some of the thoughts were genuine concerns while others were just laughable. I’ll post a general response in the comments section to address some of those thoughts raised.


My Original Story

I am writing this under duress. Na, just kidding. But I shared my experience with the Infinix Note 4 Pro’s Xpen with Mister Mo. Despite my experience being different from his, he asked me to share it. So, here it is.


Infinix Note 4 Pro Xpen Experience


This short product review is about my personal experience with the Infinix Note 4 Pro (yeah, the one with the stylus aka Xpen). The review is specifically limited to the Xpen and not the general workings of the device (Mr. Mo. has already done that).

I can’t write an epistle if I hope to finish and post this, so I’ll just go straight to the point.


My experience with the Xpen in one word? SUCKS!


Yes that’s about right. So how have I arrived at this conclusion? Let me explain.

My Infinix Note 4 Pro Xpen Experience

  1. Oftentimes, the device doesn’t recognise when the xpen is inserted in the dedicated slot, the device won’t then be responsive to finger touch and after a while, you’ll get a message to re-insert the Xpen (so you don’t misplace it)
  2. Implication of the above is the Xpen not getting charged when inserted.
  3. As a result of No 2, the Xpen will eventually run out of power. As at the time of writing this post, my Infinix Note 4 does not recognize whether Xpen is inserted or not.

Guess the main challenge here is the ability to get the three charging dots/sensor aligned perfectly which is like probing in the dark as you can’t really see it once inside the slot.


My “solution” now is to get a pouch made for the twin – Note 4, disable the Xpen feature on the Pro version and use my device as I would a phone without stylus. Egbé̩ mi n lo Samsung Note 8, can’t come and have high BP on top this newbie.


This Xpen craziness not withstanding, I would still recommend the Infinix Note 4 Pro over the stylus-less Note 4 variant. The pro version has better RAM, ROM and battery life. You can check Mister Mo’s reviews of the two: Infinix Note 4 Review and Infinix Note 4 Pro With Xpen Review: Pro for Productivity?

Do you own the Infinix Note 4 Pro? What is your own experience with the Xpen been like? Do share in the comments section below.

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  1. If there’s one thing I know, it’s not to splurge so much money on these wannabe phones. I’d rather just save up and go for the real deal.

  2. mr how much did they pay you…? Or who gave you the pen to use as a tool too lie? Your content shows you did use this device only talking to gain attention..

  3. Without bias or prejudice, I must tell you I also have the phone and has been using it for more than a month now without any issue whatsoever. It is obvious you have used the Xpen wrongly and got it spoilt and instead of accepting that fact, u came here to dent the image of a brand people love and cherish so much for its features, after sakes support and the fact that they listen to customers and implement virtually all the elements customers want. My brother, with your write-up, it’s quite obvious you were paid for this write-up. Please, desist from such acts

  4. Skinno and Whisper: It is too easy to see through your long epistles that you have been paid to promote your brand. Let me give you a tiny advice, do yourself a favour and learn how to do your job well. Else, you lose that techere kobo kobo infinix is paying you to influence on their behalf.

    The fact that your device works well, doesn’t means someone else’s won’t have defect. Abi, factory defect wasn’t included in your FAQs?

    What customers want did Infinix implement sef? Ordinary Glo 4G, they cannot implement? Someone will buy phone in Nigeria and cannot use the local broadband available.

    Biko, carry your Infinix evangelical mission to another place. You people cannot sell your akara here.

    PS: we the original mobilistas treat people with respect because we have home training. Do you?

  5. Mr Glad, I am not here to be insultive or exchange words with you just like you did. I have so many productive things to do out of my busy schedule. I have just made my point known. And to tell you the plain truth, I am not a staff of infinix and neither am paid a dime. I am just a regular user like you and loves the brand for what they do. Gbam!!!

  6. Whisper, they must have paid him the same amount they paid you. We have seen your type before. scram!!!

  7. skino, you are used to collecting money, abi, that is why you think someone was paid to post his experience. idiot

  8. 3 things dude. First, you replied me, so you are definitely here for an exchange. Second, if you are reading this, you are obviously not as busy as you want us to think.
    Third, if the truth wasn’t plain, would you somehow end up on Infinix payroll?
    And then what’s with the gbam with three exclamation marks, Are you in a cockfight?

  9. Hello folks. I would like to address the three issues Kayode raised
    1. The xpen works as it is intended. The xpen must be inserted into its slot properly otherwise you run the risk of damaging the charging connectors or the xpen not being recognized. I believe Kayode’s charging connector is damaged.
    2. His second issue is that the xpen is not charging. Of course it will not charge when it is not properly aligned.
    3. The third issue of not responding to finger touch is difficult to believe. I believe Mister Mo would have noticed this issue when he reviewed the Note 4 pro

    In conclusion, if you are using any of these brands infinix, Tecno, itel and Syinix and there is a problem, please visit the nearest CarlCare office. CarlCare app is preinstalled as CarlCare or Services app

  10. Dat wat am using i never encountered such and have 3other ppl using it dey also no such u may have drop ur phone n d case got damaged n where is ur location let see wat realy happened or u didn’t read tru ur xpen manual u can bring ur phone to Carlcare for proper view but i still say u may have damage d pen hole mistakenly

  11. Dumb blog….. This blogger is a disco Santa. Look for a good job blogging lies kills reputation… Using different name to reply comments dumb ass. You don’t even have the Real Xpen can’t afford it..

  12. Thank you for your thoughtful response to the article by Fred, Pharmtasy,

    I am reading the tirade of rash comments by some of these people here and wondering what’s up. Fred has been an avid reader of this blog and a huge fan of Infinix smartphones. He has used quite a number too. So, he has a bad experience with one and here are people accusing him of being paid or of having an agenda?

    Everyone should be able to share their personal experiences without being badgered the way these hoodlums are doing. In my younger days, their comments would have ended up in SPAM. Oh, well. Freedom of speech things.

  13. Note 4 Pro is the 6th Infinix device I’ve had close contact with but the 4th I’ve personally owned in the past 24 months (My wife used the other 2). The Hot 2, Hot S, S2 Pro are the previous Infinix devices I owned.

    Someone said, I was paid to peddle lies… How I wish that was so! At least I would have smiled to the bank while you rant online about what you know nothing about. It is my “personal” experience! If you actually read my post, I said I will still recommend the Note 4 Pro, my (then) experience with the xpen notwithstanding… That should have communicated something to any logical mind.

    Another said I couldn’t afford the real thing… that is so lame it doesn’t even require an answer.

    Thanks @Pharmtasy I did visited CarlCare but that place was like a general hospital waiting area and I couldn’t cope with the waiting… I think I had over 40 people waiting in line before I got there. So I turned back since my phone was still working, I mean the last time I used stylus was about 3 years ago on my Galaxy Note 8 (the 8 inches tab variant not the lastest one! – No I can’t afford the new Note 8 yet 😂) and the sky has not fallen since then!

    @Pharmtasy with the recent update, the phone now alerts you when the xpen is inserted correctly… this simply means Infinix recognised the initial way of groping in the dark wasn’t the way to go.

    Guys that might have been put off the device by my xpen review, please go and buy it if you’re still interested. It is a good device. On a final note, I still don’t like the fact that I can’t get a pouch or xpen only (or can I?) if I so desire. It’s as if we’re all stuck with the same colour of pouch and once the pouch becomes unsightly, we get another one (bundled with the pen that we may not need because the old one might still be working)

    The last guy attacking Mr. Mo’s person, I feel so sorry for you. He didn’t even write the post!

  14. How can I disconnect the phone from its pen. The pen keeps making my typing hell by dropping its notification to be inserted y is right in its pack

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