Not a few fans of the Infinix Note series have asked why the devices do not have a stylus. And with good reason too. The

Updated: Infinix Note 4 Pro to come with a stylus

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Not a few fans of the Infinix Note series have asked why the devices do not have a stylus. And with good reason too. The big 6-inch screen and big battery of the Note series just beg for an extra tool to unleash the creativity of users. A stylus. And now, we can tell you authoritatively that the Infinix Note 4 Pro will come with a stylus.

Finally, Infinix Mobility goes after Samsung’s niche

Come the first week of July 2017, Infinix Mobility will change the face of the Note series when they launch the Note 4 and its sibling, the Note 4 Pro which will have a stylus. You can expect that some customisation has been made to the software too, through their custom user interface, XOS. I mean, what would be the point if they didn’t do that?

Without any doubt, Infinix Mobility is going after Samsung’s niche of stylus users. And if you are going to fight on that turf, it better be good enough. Samsung’s Note series come with a stylus and software tweaks for putting the stylus to real productive use. Perhaps like some other brands have attempted to, Infinix is riding on the unfortunate fire incidents that plagued Samsung Note 7 last year to step up to the plate.

Whatever it is, equipping the Note series with a stylus is a good move by Infinix Mobility.

Infinix Note smartphones have proved very popular. In 2016, the Note 3 (here’s our Infinix Note 3 review) was the “most searched for Android smartphone of 2016 in Nigeria”. The Note 4 is looking set to follow up on that. The product image hints at a sleek looking device that follows in the style of recent flagship products like the Zero 4 and Zero 4 Plus.

It looks absolutely droolworthy. Of course, Note smartphones are never the most powerful device in infinix’s lineup. That title is reserved for the Zero series. As such, we can expect a decent processor, RAM, fingerprint scanner and battery life along with whatever else Infinix throws in with the Note 4 Pro this time.

Will Infinix Note 4 Pro with a stylus let you take charge?

In the meantime, Infinix say they want you to take charge. Will the Note 4 Pro live up to that rally cry? Will Infinix Mobility be able to eat some of Samsung’s Note cheese? There’s only one way to tell. MobilityArena will bring you more details about the upcoming Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 Pro launch and device.

Infinix fans will be excited at the news though and we expect to see some frenzy around this development in the next few months. From what I have seen of the Note 4 Pro, I am itching to get my hands on it and take it for a spin. Infinix better not disappoint. For now, I need something to help me stay focused till the launch date. Help me, somebody. Help me.

Infinix Note 4 Pro with a stylus

Check out the Infinix Note 4 specifications.

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