Infinix S2 Pro first impressions and photos

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After several weeks of anticipation, the Infinix S2 and Infinix S2 Pro were officially announced yesterday. The differences between the two phones lie in the RAM and internal storage. While the S2 has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage, the S2 Pro has 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. We are sure you are dying to read an Infinix S2 Pro first impressions article.

Well, the S2 Pro came visiting us at Mobility Arena and we are ready with our first impressions. Hop on for the ride. It isn’t a long one.

Infinix S2 Pro First Impressions

Being a 5.2-inch display phone, the S2 Pro is a handy size. It isn’t heavy or bulky in the hand. The metal frame gives it a nice touch.

Infinix S2 Pro First Impressions - rear in hand

One of the first things I confirmed was that while it is a 4G phone, it does not support Glo’s 4G network. Bummer. But it is good for other 4G LTE networks like MTN, Etisalat, Smile and Ntel. That’s good enough for most people.

Ordinarily, I would frown at the 1.3 GHz octa-core processor, but the S2 Pro performs respectably because RAM is a healthy 3GB. This reflects in normal use and in benchmark tests too. Here are the figures we got from two of our regular tests:

  • Antutu: 31,192
  • Geekbench: 623 Single-Core / 2514 Multi-Core

Not bad at all. You can compare these results with what the TECNO Camon CX – with 1.5 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM – delivered.

The wide-angle “Wefie” dual front camera is something we are dying to put to test. Infinix says you can forget about selfie sticks and still capture your whole gang when you use the S2 Pro’s front-facing camera.

The battery of the Infinix S2 Pro is a 3000 mAh unit and there’s fast charge built in. In all, the S2 Pro feels like a well rounded package. I just really wish it supported Glo’s 4G network. *Weeps*

Infinix S2 Pro Photos

Enjoy a few photos of Infinix Mobility’s first smartphone of 2017:

Infinix S2 Pro unboxing

Infinix S2 Pro bottom edge

Infinix S2 Pro front in hand

Infinix S2 Pro rear camera fingerprint scanner

And it is a wrap with our Infinix S2 Pro first impressions. First impressions from the first few hours with a gadget are one thing. More intensive use is another. Stay right here on Mobility Arena for our full review. Your questions about the Infinix S2 Pro are welcome. We will answer as many of them as possible in the comments and/or in the final review.


  1. The Infinix S2 Pro is an impressive phone but it still looks similar to previous infinix devices in terms of design except for the dual front camera setup. A good phone shaa.

    Commenting from OriginalSpecs.Com

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