Infinix S2 Pro Lagos launch to hold towards month end

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The Infinix S2 Pro Lagos launch is almost here, and we can only give you hints and tips. Infinix Mobility have sent out invites for a media event happening towards the end of the month. The S2 Pro is the 2nd smartphone in the HOT S product line that was introduced in 2016.

The device is already on sale in Kenya where it was first unveiled and we have the full specifications already. It is a handy smartphone with a sweet 5.2-inch display. But its selling feature is the front dual camera which Infinix is marketing as great for selfies and group selfies (Wefie). Here is a photo:

Infinix S2 Pro Lagos launch

Dual front Camera For Wefie

The dual front camera has 13 megapixel resolution and 8 megapixel resolution lens along with soft flash. Like its predecessor, this model is 4G LTE capable and should support all 4G LTE networks in Nigeria (news flsh: it does not support Glo 4G), alongside other features. Be sure to check the Infinix S2 Pro specifications for all the details about the phone.

Infinix Mobility is re-introducing the Hot S series as the product line for the lifestyle and fashion driven audience. The Hot S was indeed a hottie (see our Infinix Hot S review). Don’t be a stranger. Stick around for more updates on the Infinix S2 Pro Lagos launch.


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  1. The S2 Pro is a nice phone and I love the new Wefie feature.
    However, it looks so much like the Hot S. Ver little change if any on the design front.
    Not a bad buy for anyone who doesn’t already have the Hot S.

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