In this Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2 comparison review, we pit the two sub-$140 mid-range smartphones against one another in a slugfest that should leave only one standing and holding the belt. Which is it?

Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2 comparison review

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Infinix s4 has proven popular in the markets where it is being sold. It certainly was very popular here on MobilityArena when launched. Up against it is a contender from an obviously more popular brand – Nokia. In this Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2 comparison review, we pitch the two mid-range smartphones against one another to see which one is right for you.

The S4 offers you Infinix’s custom UI, XOS, based on Android 9, while Nokia 4.2 runs stock Android OS. XOS is loved and hated, as is stock Android. It all depends on which side of the pond you stand.

But beyond the different software experiences, both phones are quite similar in terms of specs and features, and of course, price.

Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2: Introductions and Similarities

Because there are different vairants of each device, we have to pair up the variants that match. Infinix S4 has the following variants:

  • 3GB RAM / 32 GB storage
  • 6GB RAM / 64GB storage

Nokia 4,.2 has the following variants:

  • 2GB RAM / 16GB storage
  • 3GB RAM / 32 GB storage

For this comparison, we are using the 3GB RAM / 32 GB storage variants of each phone. They are also in the same price bracket – below 50,000 ($140).

Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2 comparison review
Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2 comparison review

Both the Nokia 4.2 and Infinix S4 have a waterdrop notch at the top of their displays, both displays have a 720 x 1520 pixels resolution, and both have a 19:9 aspect ratio. Both displays are IPS LCD types too.

Both phones have a rear-positioned fingerprint reader. Both have USB-OTG. Neither of them has fast charging support.

Interesting similarities, so far. But in what ways do they differ, as the differences will be the deciding factor for users? Let us draw up our comparison table and see.

Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2 Quick Specs Comparison

We put the 3GB/32GB models of both phones side-by-side for more clarity.

Infinix S4 3GB/32GB Nokia 4.2 3GB/32GB
6.2 inches, 720 x 1520 pixels, 19:9 ratio, IPS LCD display. 5.7 inches, 720 x 1520 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio, IPS LCD display.
XOS 5.0 based on Android 9 Stock Android 9 software
Octa-core, Mediatek MT6762 Helio P22 (12 nm), 2.0 GHz Octa-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 SDM439 (12 nm), 2.0 GHz
32MP selfie camera 8MP selfie camera
13MP + 8MP + 2MP rear triple camera with quad LED flash 13MP + 2MP rear dual camera with LED flash
32 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD, up to 128 GB 32 GB internal storage + shared microSD slot, up to 400 GB
4000 mAh battery + regular charging 3000 mAh battery + regular charging
₦46,000.00 ($130) ₦49,000 ($138)

Let’s get the grey areas out of the way first.

On paper, Infinix S4’s selfie camera outguns the Nokia 4.2’s shooters. A 32MP versus an 8MP camera? All other things being equal, that should be no contest. Yet, the numbers do not always add up in the megapixcel race.

At the back of the S4 is a 13MP triple camera, while the Nokia has a 13MP dual camera. Here, the difference isn’t huge, and chances are that the Nokia camera shoots better photos. But we need a proper shootout between the two to tell.

As we do not have a shootout to compare, we shall leave photography here in no man’s land. It can go either way.

Where Infinix S4 has the edge

Infinix S4 colours
Infinix S4 (X626B) specs and price

Where Infinix S4 has a decisive edge is with the battery capacity. It has a much bigger battery than the Nokia does. If I had to pick, I’d take its 4000mAh battery over the 4.2’s 3000mAh battery. That is a big difference in capacity and should ensure longer use times between charges.

Also, if you are, like EyeBeeKay, a lover of big displays, the Infinix is what you want to buy. Its 6.2″ display is quite bigger than the Nokia’s 5.7″ screen.

Infinix 4 also has a dedicated microSD slot, though the supported capacity is lower than that of the Nokia.

Where Nokia 4.2 has the edge

Nokia 4.2

The display of the Nokia 4.2 falls inside compact territory, so lovers of compact smartphones will absolutely love it. Because it has the same pixel resolution as the Infinix’s bigger display, that means it has a higher density, which should count for something in terms of image details.

Also, if you do not mind losing the chance to use a second SIM card in the Nokia 4.2, it supports bigger memory cards than the Infinix does. You can use a 400GB card in the Nokia, as against 128GB in the Infinix.

You do get a more premium design and build from the Nokia, along with guaranteed software updates for 2 years and monthly security updates for 3 years. With the Infinix S4, you might get one major software update, and that is it.

Lastly, the Nokia 4.2 has a much wider 4G LTE support, including support for band 28(700).

Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2: Who wins?

In terms of performance, both phones are comparatively matched. There isn’t any significant difference between the performance of the Helio P22 chipset in the Infinix S4 and the Snapdragon 439 chipset in the Nokia 4.2 They are also evenly matched in terms of RAM and storage.

You If you are really trying to squeeze every last naira out of your budget, buying the Infinix S4 will save you about ₦3,000 or $8. For quite a number of people, that difference might mean the world and so the Infinix S4 would be their choice.

On the other hand, there are other phone users who want what the Nokia 4.2 has to offer – the premium feel and the cleaner stock Android experience along with years of software updates – and do not mind spending that extra 3,000 to get that experience.

Where do you stand? Having read through this Infinix S4 vs Nokia 4.2 comparison, which of the two would you pick?

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  1. My major deciding factor would be support for Glo Mobile LTE band. If the Infinix supports the band 28(700), then I will go for it.

  2. Off topic..Mr. Mo,pls,is every Nokia 7 plus a dual sim phone?.Or rather does every Nokia 7 plus phone comes as dual sim or what?.

  3. I would go for the Nokia because of those 2 years of OS updates, but the S4 is really tempting with that 4000 mah battery.

  4. For me, I would go for the Nokia 4.2 with stock Android. Infinix S4 might slightly have bigger specs but Nokia 4.2 is more premium and people respect the brand more. And I also believe in terms of performance, Nokia 4.2 will perform more better.

  5. Nokia 4.2 has a much wider 4G LTE support, including support for band 28(700).
    I will go for Nokia 4.2 because of the above statement above. Although I’m always concern about battery capacity but this statement above change my mind.
    Thank you very Mr. MO for the review

  6. Nokia 4.2 and the hot S4? I don’t think these two phones are competitors at all considering the variants and overall specs. The Nokia 4.2 is still relatively new so the price will drop really hard. I think the Redmi 7 is a better opponents for the s4. Nice work as always Mr.MO

  7. On Facebook, I commented I’ll go for Nokia 4.2. This is why it’s always good to read reviews first before jumping on conclusions because, in this case, I’m going to change my mind and vote for Infinix S4. It beats Nokia 4.2 down with some good points. And that’s in my own point of view.

  8. S4 wins for me.. I can easily forgo the areas where Nokia has an edge..
    3000MAH doesn’t cut it at all.

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