Infinix teases new HERO smartphone for 15th December! #HERO3LOGY

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Traditionally, Infinix uses the tag “Hero” for its Zero line of smartphones. So, a tip-off about an upcoming HERO smartphone means what? Yup! So, we have some images pertaining to an upcoming Infinix HERO smartphone, X552, scheduled for launch on the 15th of December, 2015:

Here’s a section of the internals – what it looks like with the back cover off. You can see the camera module, as well as other components:
Infinix X552 leaks

And here is what AnTuTu tells us about the X552:
X552 zero3 antutu
We expect that the X552 will be named the HERO 3. Makes sense, no?

You’ve met the Infinix Zero and the Zero 2 X509. Both smartphones have been great successes too. That AnTuTu score of 44,245 is an impressive leap from the last Zero. Our own Zero 2 test returned 34,120.

Welcome to the HERO Trilogy! The countdown to 15th December is on….


  1. they really need to slow down or sync their release cycles, too many launch events in a calendar year

  2. The device looks promising,let’s hope it’s worth all the hype going on around the it currently..

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