Infinix Zero 4 Plus Long-term Review: good, bad, ugly

In this Infinix Zero 4 Plus long-term review, a mobilista shares her experience with using the phone over a period of one year. Gladys’s story is that of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Come along!

Zero 4 Plus long-term review

Infinix Zero 4 Plus Long-term Review

My first 6 months of using the Infinix Zero 4 Plus was fantastic. It is a well equipped smartphone and I experienced no issues whatsoever. As a matter of fact, my experience with the Zero 4 Plus was so good that I suddenly began to get more work done on my smartphone than ever before.

And it wasn’t only work that got done. I consumed TV series online, took bomb selfies (both cameras are really good), listened to music, booked Uber rides, and generally ran my life and most of my work on this beautiful 6-inch giant.

But like a clock, around the time it clocked 6 months with me, the selfie camera started to malfunction. And that was the beginning of the end. The selfie camera issue refused to go away and then other issues began to crop up.

The Cameras

Infinix Zero 4 Plus long-term Review - camera
After the selfie camera started misbehaving, one of the errors I regularly got was the one that said something about “the camera cannot be started because it is in use by another app” or something like that. I shut down apps, even disabled apps, but the error persisted.

Recently it has stopped showing that error and has just stopped working. And now, both the front and back cameras have finally stopped working.

Even worse, any app that triggers the camera function now causes the phone to freeze up. I have to restart the phone to be able to continue using it.

Battery Life And Heating

The phone also now heats up so much that sometimes I have to place it on tiles to cool it down. And since the beginning of the year, the phone battery has been messing up. It regularly drains from 100% to 15% in 4 hours, whether the phone was in use or not. I leave it on my desk and when I pick it up to use, the battery has dropped significantly.

And Wifi Too

Then the WiFi sometimes just doesn’t find any networks when you need to use it. I have to restart the phone to get the Wifi to work again.

Parting Shot

Infinix Zero 4 Plus long-term Review
The Zero 4 Plus has been a great companion to me for work and play. But it has aged so fast in the last few months and I now have to deal with all these issues every day.

I have heard people say that Infinix and TECNO devices do not have long lives, but I have never used any for this long to be able to verify the claim. My experience with the Zero 4 Plus aligns with that report.

As Mister Mo often says, you do get the value you pay for. Nothing goes for nothing. It is time for me to get another smartphone. Thank you for reading my Infinix Zero 4 Plus long-term Review.

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