Infinix Zero has sold 150,000 units and Infinix Hot, 100,000 units

Posted by MobilityArena

In an exclusive interaction with earlier today, Infinix stated that the Infinix Zero that was launched in September last year has sold 150,000 units till date, while the Infinix Hot has sold over 100,000 copies since its November 2014 launch.

We got some more information out of the Infinix representative who spoke with Mobility Arena, but which we are unable to divulge at this time. But the official did specifically say that Infinix will soon take over the low-end Android market in Nigeria.

  1. I believe them on that one. I’ve personally influenced 3 persons including myself to purchase the infinix hot and 3 others infinix zero.
    With the specs they carry, I really see them as hot cakes that will sell out fast.

  2. Nigeria is always a fertile ground for business. Kudos to infinix, though I’m still afraid of mediatek chipset I don’t know why.

  3. “Taking over the low-end Android market in Nigeria” isn’t really up to Infinix alone, although I’m sure they will try their best.

    I personally think that number is a bit low. I assumed it sold much more than that.
    Wish them all the best though. Seems like they are off to a great start.

  4. my thoughts exactly, I would also have thought the Hot would sell more units than the Zero

  5. A lot of Nigerians have smartphone, so you don’t expect them to change devices everyday. Hence their perceived low figure which I consider a great figure though.

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