Infograhic: Signs you might be addicted to your smartphone

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Smartphones have worked their way into our lives, and as convenient as they are to have, sometimes there is too much of a good thing. There are a number of signs of addiction, such as panicking when the smartphone has been misplaced, getting into trouble using one at school or work, neck or wrist pain, and using the smartphone last thing before bed and first thing when waking up. 6 in 10 adults own a smartphone and 72 percent of them claim to never be more than 5 feet from it. There are tips to help break the addiction or stop it from forming altogether.


smartphone addiction
Smartphone addiction




  1. Phone addiction.


    Panic when phone is misplaced

    Well, you would certainly panic if you suddenly misplace N50K or the equivalent of whatever you bought the phone for, depending on how well heeled you are. Often, it’s not about the price, not addiction either, but more about the inconvenience.

    In this age of storing everything in the phone (notes, appointments, alarms, contacts, etc), the truth is that you don’t have to be addicted to the smartphone to feel its absence deeply because productivity is simply tied to it. The more extensively you use the phone, the more deeply you would feel not being with it, and this may not have anything to do with addiction.

    However, too much of anything is bad.

    Perhaps the psychologists and sociologists would be able to draw the line between addiction, and simply missing an extremely essential personal and business tool.

    Perhaps I deceive myself.

    If I lost my smartphone irretrievably today, I would buy another tomorrow, funds willing.

    Addiction? Maybe.

    But, I wouldn’t be caught dead without one. Literally..


  2. I don’t know about addiction, but the other day I had about 4 devices on the go; was checking Twitter on one, playing a game on a second, checking the news on a third and going through Flipboard on the 4th.

    If anything, I don’t have a smartphone addiction but information addiction.

  3. Im addicted to my phone…I sleep with it, and I literally wake up to it.

    First thing I do when I open my eyes is check my phone…last thing I do before I sleep is use my phone… till I sleep off. 🙂

    I live on the phone tho…emails, IMs, appointments, plans, etc, so no surprise there

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