Infographic : See the most popular mobile phone browsers in Nigeria and Kenya

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Gadgets Labs, a UK based group has gathered some interesting data concerning smartphone owners and their usage pattern with mobile browsers. The data was gotten from DeviceAtlas and has been compiled into a very educative infographic. The information covers users worldwide but our focus would be restricted to this part of the world. The screen shot below is an extract that interests us.


From the above you can see that Google Chrome is the most popular mobile browser with 32.61% followed by Safari for iOS with 25.53%, BlackBerry browser still makes the list with 13.3%. It’s nice to see that our South African brothers still rock their Blackberries, with the BlackBerry Browser closely following Google Chrome with 28.23%.

You can view the full Infographic HERE.


  1. probably spoofing their user agents (Opera i’m looking at you)
    plus the usual caveats, these AdDuplex type data compilations sometimes don’t reflect the reality, i remember one saying Symbian still had a bigger market share than Windows Phone. also surprising that Chrome has a bigger share than the AOSP browser

  2. @3WT, I was wondering the same about the AOSP browsers.

    Actually, going through the information via the link, you could almost say more affluent a society becomes, the more likely you will see Safari browser. I would even hazard to guess that many of Nigeria’s Middle class probably have a device running iOS.

    And those using iOS are more likely to use Safari – as it says further down, 95.76% of iOS users use Safari – than any other browser.

  3. I am pleasantly surprised at this statistics. Haters like Lord EyeBeeKay gone be continually hating. Everything isn’t all about Android and chrome all the time, y’know?

    I call this progress. The natural evolution of the mobile wars.

  4. Breathe and relax cousin, breathe and relax 😀

    The reality is often that people believe if something is significant in their world it’s significant elsewhere. The stats say otherwise. I wish I could say I find them surprising but I don’t.

  5. I’m wondering if those using Chrome are also using it across devices and therefore synching bookmarks etc? That might explain the reported high usage.

  6. I object. What?!!! Where did they get these stats? Chrome browser. I’ve taken a look at that browser and I know it’s growing in popularity but I can’t imagine many Nigerians using it after using opera minI or UC.

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