Over fifty fans, bloggers and relevant stakeholders came over to Trinity Mall, Awolowo Way Ikeja, on Thursday 21st of March 2015 to take part in

Innjoo Fire Launch Event – How it happened

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Innjoo Launch (1)

Over fifty fans, bloggers and relevant stakeholders came over to Trinity Mall, Awolowo Way Ikeja, on Thursday 21st of March 2015 to take part in the device launch from Innjoo. As part of celebration of the Innjoo brand and their marked achievements in Nigeria.

The show took off an hour after the scheduled 6 pm with the very hilarious MC thrilling the crowds with nifty jokes and comments. A group of volunteers were called to the stage to vie for a phone, and each of them had to do a free style session in front of the crowd. Two contestants were left on the stage after the session, and they were asked to dance so that the crowd will decide the final winner. After the dancing, a clear winner didn’t emerge . Mr Robert, Head of Innjoo Nigeria intervened and gave the two finalists a phone each.

Mr Robert Speech

Up next, Mr. Robert Liang made a speech, talking about Innjoo brand and their achievements in Nigeria, he also made some revelations:

  • The InnBrowser now has 400k users.
  • Innjoo received 3700 paid pre-orders for the Innjoo One. (A first in Nigeria)
  • During the first sale of the Innjoo i1s on Jumia, 10,000 units were sold in 10 days.

Subsequently, he launched the Innjoo Fire discussing all its specifications and features, also stating that they will try to set the price at N18,000. “The Innjoo Max will be released sometime later in the year, possibly June”, he mentioned.

Me and Innjoo

Finally food and drinks were shared, and we had time to finger a preview unit of the Innjoo Fire. Believe you me, I was impressed with the device. Fine design, 2GB RAM, 16GB (fully partitioned) internal storage, 5MP/5MP camera etc. etc. and all for less than 20k!! Feed your eyes on the pictures.

Innjoo Fire (1) Innjoo Fire (2)

Innjoo Fire (3)

It will be available for sale exclusively on Jumia starting from June 1st. Which coincides with the Jumia Mobile Megathon that starts the same day. We’re getting a review unit soonest, simply stay logged on to MobilityArena. Cheers!!

  1. Lets have the review quickly Elroy.I trust you will do justice to that.Mr Mo has been silent these days.TO BE ON TOP IS GOOD OOO!

  2. Hope this phone won’t end up like another unlucky phone by the same name from a particular popular online retailer.

  3. Sometimes I wonder…Mr Mo has passed on responsibility for this epic review to Elroy – it is not something to be scoffed at. It’s a great opportunity for Elroy, not one to take pot shots at Mr Mo’s supposed silence.

    You go Elroy, rock that review. We’re waiting.

  4. I know who you mean ASkIchtys, don’t mind Ehis, he has not had his portion of beans today.

    That other phone from that particularly popular online retailer was dead before it started. I don’t know why they bothered to be honest.

    But then it’s no different to that phone by the social networking people, a nice museum piece. I doubt this will go the same route, as Innjoo have already found a market in Nigeria.

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