The Innjoo i1s is a duplicate of the Xtouch Sky

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Xtouch Sky - Innjoo i1s

Have a look at the above image and tell me that the Innjoo i1s isn’t a copy of the Xtouch Sky. As far as I can tell, it is.

Now, the question is: Why? You tell me 😉


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  1. or the XTouch Skyfire is a duplicate of the Innjoo i1s.a more likely scenario is that XTouch & Innjoo use the same ODM, most production is outsourced these days

  2. Hi Mr MO, pls put up dimensions and measurements. Also my “spot the difference” skills tell me there’s the “earpiece” thingy missing on the top left of the i1s.They look very similar though.

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