If you read the headline and thought maybe this was a hoax, well let me burst your bubble. InnJoo is preparing to launch a smart

InnJoo is launching a 39-inch smart TV!! See the pics and specs

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If you read the headline and thought maybe this was a hoax, well let me burst your bubble. InnJoo is preparing to launch a smart TV into the Nigerian market. The TV in question is a 39 inch smart TV named Inn TV 4. This is following the steps of Xiaomi in making difference tech products.


Here’s the brief specs as shown on the slide:

  • 39 inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • CMO screen, LED Backlight.
  • Dual subwoofers, 3D Stereo sound.
  • 9.8 mm thickness.
  • Quad-core CPU.
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat, Upgradeable.
  • Wifi -Display.

Price and availability are still under wraps though we don’t expect this to rip your pockets apart. We’ll bring you further details as they unfold.


  1. Apparently, everybody is getting into consumer electronics nowadays. Even BlueGate, StarTimes and DaarSat have television sets.

    Perhaps they simply go to Shenzen, and have one of those numerous no_brand TV stamped with their corporate brand .. case closed.

    Don’t be too shocked to see MoTv, ElroyTv or Eye_bee_kay_Tv in the market one of these days. It’s the way the tide flows now.

    Seriously, this news is not newsworthy. Even Emeka can go to China and brand his customized Tv NnaTv if that’s his fancy..

  2. lol, if their track record with updates is anything to go by, the TV will probably never see an update

  3. I’m not crossing my fingers on that Daarsat TV abeg….

    Na pangolo.

    But this might hold some promise though…there’s abundant data on the success of consumer electronics merging with mobile in the near future.

    Just as smart items are gaining traction, I see smart TVs getting the attention they deserve

  4. Checked the full spec on the innjoo site. Innjoo keeping up the rep of throwing in silly RAM on their devices (512MB in this piece). Not that I blame them cuz of their dirt cheap prices. My notion of their products is same, its like going to the amusement park to use a skipping rope. Yes I was at the amusement park, but did I get the best possible experience? Nope! Did u spend much at the park? Nope! Just enough for a for skipping rope. Did I enjoy myself? Depends on u.

  5. Dey should b selling dere product in there country and stop disturbing us with dere nonsense product pls we Nigerians only know of 1 product which is Tecno products.. Bye bye to innjoos.

  6. I have only one word..AWESOME it is good in every thing. I like it and it is very economical

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