Innjoo has made available an update for the Innjoo One 3G HD. It isn’t a major update as it merely optimizes the system, fixes bugs,

Updated: Innjoo One 3G HD gets minor software update 20150324-V1

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Innjoo One

Innjoo has made available an update for the Innjoo One 3G HD. It isn’t a major update as it merely optimizes the system, fixes bugs, and updates apps. Also, the update isn’t available OTA and so has to be manually downloaded and flashed to your phone. Innjoo says that all your user data will be cleared in the process if you choose the manual update method.

The manual update version ONE_3G_HD-Android4.4-InnJoo-20150324-V1 file size is 529 MB.

To download the ROM and update your One manually, click here.

OTA Update Available!:
A mobilista, @KayAkinrelere, notified Mr. Mo this morning that he got the update OTA on his Innjoo One. Screenshot proof:
Innjoo One update v1
As can be seen in the image, the OTA update is a mere 51 MB in size. All users can rest easy now and await the OTA notification on their Innjoo One 3G HD.


  1. I honestly do not see myself updating my unit manually. I walked away from that chore ages ago. If its not OTA, please…

  2. Peterjero,

    LOL. Bad bele pipu. We have confirmed that the update is also available OTA. Check the post for the updated info.

    Yay! 😉

  3. Jumia should be ready to replace oh… Warranty suppose cover OTA issues naa?

  4. Whether manual or OTA,innjoo is making a mark others failed to do.We should give them credit for this.

  5. after updating my ONE, my Bluetooth can’t switch on again. is it only me or is it a general problem after updating? this is my third ONE o. replaced it twice already at the innjoo Home,Ikeja

  6. I found these stuffs funny
    Whenever there is an update ,Ppl always seem to have one issue or !more

  7. To innjoo user who cannot use their Bluetooth after the ota update.To be able to activate ur Bluetooth u will have to deactivate d power saving mode whenever u want to make use of it Bluetooth DAT all

  8. @ola Joseph… Na only injoo dey make mark ni? dem make mark reach gionee sef? for updates that is…. still big ups. think bugs are mainly as a result of bad upgrade process

  9. The issue of bugs accompanying these OTAs is something these OEMs have to address…and fast!

  10. It is important to note that in an update on ‘any’ phone at all you need to allow time say 48hrs for it to settle before complaints.

    If you notice any misbehaviour on the phone please run through your phone settings again because the updates may have altered some proceedures there before you cry out.

    No doubt updates are good, but at times workability depends on the processes it went thru on your phone.

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