The Innjoo One 3G HD is the first flagship device from Innjoo which has been hyped for a while now all over the internet. It

Innjoo One Review: Fast race horse

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The Innjoo One 3G HD is the first flagship device from Innjoo which has been hyped for a while now all over the internet. It is well crafted and bears a somewhat similar design to the iPhone 4s – only that it is bigger in size. With curved edges and a unibody form factor, it fits well into your hands. Does the Innjoo One live up to its hype as a flagship? Why must you buy the Innjoo One?


Innjoo One birds view

First let’s look at its key features:

  • 6.9 mm thick, and Lightweight.
  • 5.0- inch HD IPS display, with Dragontrail Glass front and back, 720 ×1280 pixels (320 PPI).
  • Android 4.4.2 Kitkat, skinned with Inn UI launcher.
  • MediaTek MT6592 chipset with octa-core 1.4GHz Cortex-A7 processor, Mali 450-MP GPU and 2GB of RAM.
  • 13 MP Auto focus, with LED flash, pixel count 4160 x 3120 pixels and Video recording of 1080p.
  • 8MP front-facing camera, with pixel count 3264 x 2448 pixels and 480p video recording.
  • Fully partitioned 16GB internal storage (12 GB useable).
  • Dual SIM support, Both Micro-SIM, 3G switchable.
  • Phone comes pre-rooted (Maybe its peculiar to the review unit we had).

Main Disadvantages

  • Average battery life.
  • Low volume output both with external speakers and earphones.

Read the full detailed Innjoo One specifications, our Innjoo One Hands On experience, as well as Innjoo One Unboxing.


Now, on to our main review.

Please note that this unit is a pre-sales release unit sent in by Innjoo. It isn’t the final unit that was pushed out to the market and so may lack some features that the final model sold in the market has. – Mr. Mo



As noted earlier, the Innjoo One 3G HD shares a similar design to the iPhone 4s. Even the design of the camera lens testifies to the fact. At 6.9mm thick, the phone is quite slim and has a unibody design (This means it has no back cover and the battery is non-removeable). It is almost similar to my Gionee M2, only that the latter is heavier (because of its huge battery) and the Innjoo has nice rounded edges. The top side bears the earphone jack while the bottom side features the charging port and microphone. On the left side, you see the Dual SIM and memory card drawers, while on the right side the power button and volume rockers are visible. Just beside the front facing camera we have a small white notification light that glows whenever you receive a buzz. Above all, this device finely fits into your hands.


Innjoo One (5)-horz



The Innjoo One sports a super fine 13 megapixel back camera. It is probably the best I’ve seen on phones within this price range. Outdoor shots are so sharp and detailed, while indoor shots are clear with flash turned. This phone’s camera takes in lots and lots of pixels that you will have to zoom in 4 times before you get to see any grainy silhouettes. Impressive!!


The front-facing 8MP camera is also great, taking very beautiful selfies, though it doesn’t cover a very wide angle. The camera has this Gesture capture feature which automatically takes a picture when the peace sign is detected on your hands.. Cool; isn’t it?

Innjoo Gesture Cam


Here we have a crisp 5.0-inch HD IPS display, with a resolution of 720 ×1280 pixels with PPI maxed out at 320 (which I feel is overstretched). I learnt that Retina display starts from 300ppi, so the resolution is quite good. The display is sharp and clear with great viewing angles. Sunlight legibility is poor though, unless the brightness is cranked up to the highest.


The Innjoo One’s loudspeaker produces sounds at low volumes. This can be depressing for music enthusiasts. The sound quality is slightly improved when you listen via earphones. If you want to really enjoy music on this device you might have to look for a powerful music player with equalizers or install Viper4Android, or better still, flash in Dolby Digital. Video playback here is great thanks to the crisp display and great viewing angles. This phone also lacks FM Radio. Even though not too many people listen to radio on their phones, it would have been better if the radio was included. NB: The absence of FM Radio appears to be because this is a pre-sales unit. Others users report having FM Radio on theirs.


Software, Inn Apps

This lovely device runs Android 4.4.2. Asides the Inn UI launcher bundled with the phone, every other screen is plain stock android. The phone carries 16GB in-built memory (12GB usable) fully partitioned for both app installation and file storage – which is a welcome development among Chinese OEM’s. I love the fact that the phone has Double-Tap-to-Wake feature. Simply double-tap the screen in standby mode and it comes alive.

Innjoo Misc-horz


There are groups of pre-installed apps here. I choose to call them Inn Apps – InnBrowser, InnCloud InnStore, and InnForum. These apps are part of Innjoo’s plans to sell services and make profit. I do think it is a not a viable business idea. InnBrowser renders pages well though I didn’t like the way ads appeared on the browser and pop-ups on new tabs. InnCloud is a cool service that helps you backup and restore your contacts from the cloud. InnStore is their unique app store, and similar to many other 3rd party android apps store it bears limited number of apps.

Lastly, Mr Mo reports that while he had the phone with him, some apps got installed on the phone without his permission and that when he uninstalled them, they were re-installed again without his permission/authorisation. In essence, he could not get those apps off. One of those apps was Zero launcher. Another was Clean Master.

Performance and Battery Life


This is the sweet part. The Innjoo One 3G HD is the fastest phone you’ve ever held. LOL 🙂 It literally runs like a race horse if not faster. The the octa-core 1.4GHz processor coupled with its 2GB of RAM means that it breezes past apps and games like its nothing. Feed your eyes on the Antuntu benchmark results below:

Innjoo Atuntu (1)-horz

The battery department is a not-so-pretty aspect of this Innjoo. It appears that the super fast speeds come at the price of faster battery drain. At 100% charge with 3G on, steady browsing and pressing, you can churn out approximately 7-8 hours before the battery starts crying.



There’s this cool feature that’s peculiar to the Innjoo One which I haven’t seen in most Android phones. The volume option is separated for notifications, media, ringtones, and alarms. Ordinarily, one can only achieve this by rooting and using Xposed modules like Gravity Box. The SIM slot is not hot-swappable, after inserting a SIM card, you would have to reboot the phone before a network signal appears. The SIM slot is actually hot-swappable. Looks like our pre-sales unit has some bugs so it doesn’t work right every time.

Final Verdict


The Innjoo One is a great flagship device. It is a beautifully crafted phone, with an exceptional camera (for the cheap price), and super fast performance. The audio issue is tricky, but the phone being Android has half solved the problem, as there are apps available that can boost its production quality. The absence of FM Radio here is another issue. Even a big gun like Samsung has ignored putting it in their recent flagships, but then considering the target market, it should have been included in this fine piece.

Most new adopters of smartphones are interested in good looks, great camera, speedy performance, and the Innjoo One ticks all these boxes that intrinsically matter. I’m still watching to see how the Innjoo business model turns out to yielding them the profits their hard work truly deserves.

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  1. There is FM Radio! I should know because I own one & I’m listening to news on it right at this moment.

  2. “The SIM slot is not hot-swappable, after inserting a SIM card, you would have to reboot the phone before a network signal appears.”

    This isn’t also my experience…

  3. Mr mo sir,how much will iteost me for you to get for me and ship it to abuja.i only trust you sir.

  4. A flagship by 2015 standards should be running a 64-Bit processor and a guaranteed update to Lollipop.

    I’m not a fan of back glass panel so I’ll definitely pass.

    Considering it’s price, it’s a steal though.

  5. I think InnJoo assured us of a lollipop update.
    And I agree with you, Biola, back glass panels make no sense.

  6. Don’t tell Samsung that glass back panel doesn’t make any sense o… You wan spoil market for the S6 be that ????

  7. That’s really interesting then. They already have two variants? Maybe you should get in touch with them to change that review unit to the one being sold in the open market.

  8. I remember the Innjoo boss telling me that this unit sent in for review wasn’t the final product to be shipped to the market later. I guess that explains the missing FM Radio and the SIM swapping issue.

    I have added this disclaimer to the body of the review. We should have included this bit of info from the get go. Apologies.

  9. 64 bit is overrated in the mobile space, even if your smartphone has a 64 bit processor, it would still be running 32 bit code

  10. as per unauthorized installation of some apps, I think it’s an ad, that causes auto download of these apps (Zero Launcher, Lazy Swipe, APUS small, Clean Master etc). run into quite a few ads imploring me to speed up my phone by clicking a link. sometimes the ad opens in a background tab and the download initiates automatically. I get around this with a download manager, so there’s always a pop-up before any download starts. one should also uncheck the installation from unknown sources option under Security settings because there’s no guarantee these apps aren’t malate or spyware

  11. mr mo does it mean that it can not use two sim card with external memory at thesame time

  12. Great! Was wondering. But how come they send different device as review unit? Is this the norm or a rarity?

  13. @Goodluck #NotJonathan No it can’t. You have to make do with 1 SIM + Micro SD Card or 2 SIMS. I use the 2 SIM in mine because I’m really not planning on loading the phone with music or videos I won’t play… Which battery will I use to be playing them!

  14. Most of the apps are on Playstore so unchecking the installation from unknown sources option won’t help. Have you totally resolved this or it still happens?

  15. Is it cool to plug it to a power source en play hard core games as it charges e.g like modern combat 4……en pls talk more about rooting the phone easily

  16. I just bought innjoo one but it takes very poor pictures , has anyone noticed that, or is there any way u can improve the picture quality? coz they advertise it to have crystal clear pictures, nway u expect that from “13mb” but am not seeing that any help?…

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