What smartphones can you get to buy for N18,000 in March 2017? The Innjoo X3 is one of them and we got our hands on

Cute and Small: Mister Mo’s Innjoo X3 Review

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What smartphones can you get to buy for N18,000 in March 2017? The Innjoo X3 is one of them and we got our hands on it. Budget smartphones are difficult to review. One cannot expect much from them, yet one must grade them. Thankfully, all we have to do is share our experience with the phone. Enjoy our Innjoo X3 review and make up your mind whether or not its the phone you want.

Straight up, with a 4-inch display 512 MB RAM and a measly 4 GB internal storage, this little guy has you as limited as limited can get. You have only 1.3 GB of storage space available to you from boot. The system has 2.1 GB taken. So, get a microSD card. The X3 supports cards up to 32 GB.

Innjoo X3 home on box

Innjoo X3 Review: Network and Telephony

In-call audio on the Innjoo X3 is boxy, expectedly. That is the standard experience at this price range. For data, the phone supports 2G and 3G internet connections. Both work without issues.

In a good twist, the X3 does let you choose Auto, 2G Only and 3G Only for Network Mode. Which is swell. So, you can pick your network mode depending on your situation and need.

Innjoo X3 review Screenshot network mode

Innjoo X3 Review: Photography

The Innjoo X3 won’t be competing in the league. It has a 2 megapixel rear snapper and a VGA selfie snapper. See for yourself:

Innjoo X3 selfie
Selfie taken with Innjoo X3 front camera

You are not likely to be taking a lot of selfies with the front camera unless you want the selfies to look like 1976 throwbacks on your Instagram timeline. Something like that.

Innjoo X3 review main camera indoor
Indoor shot taken with Innjoo X3 main camera

As for the main camera, it isn’t bad. It isn’t excellent either. Image resolution is manageable. However, its colour rendition isn’t quite accurate. That serviette box is actually greenish blue, not blue like it appears in the photograph.

Innjoo X3 Review: Performance

The phone performs as expected of the average phone in its price bracket. Do not attempt anything more than basic multitasking on the X3. Anything more than that and background apps get shut down.
Also, it is advisable that you install your apps on the memory card, to keep the small internal storage free.

Thankfully, the phone didn’t throw up any system errors.

Innjoo X3 Review: Battery and Charging

The 1300 mAh battery is quick to charge. But moderate use with an always-on 3G connection will see you from morning to evening. Push it harder and you will need to recharge during the day.

Innjoo X3 review rear

Innjoo X3 Review: Conclusions

In terms of specs alone, there are better deals in the market than the X3. The Fero A4001 has 8 GB internal storage and more up-to-date software for pretty much the same price. The TECNO Y2 has a bigger 2800 mAh battery for N1,500 more. You can have a look at my recent article on the most affordable smartphones of Q1 2017 for a list of other smartphones available in the market in its price segment.

If the Innjoo X3 has piqued your interest, here are a few other resources you can check out:

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