Innoson Umu: Slay or Nay?

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Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM) is an Nnewi-based automobile manufacturer. Some of their products include the G5 SUV, Foxy hatchback and Umu saloon. In brief, the Innoson Umu is a medium-sized saloon with a 1.5-litre petrol engine, automatic transmission, 3D view dashboard, a DVD display screen with Bluetooth connectivity, standard USB port and audio jack.

Innoson Umu -Dashboard-1

For driving security, there is the German Continental MK100 brake system which combines ABS, EBD, CBC, TCS, HBA, AYC and DTC in one. There is NOVA-LINK on-board voice system, and six 18-litre capacity airbags.

Price? N2.5m promo price….

Have a look at the following photos too and tell us what you think: Slay or Nay?

Innoson Umu Pictures

Innoson Umu -FrontView-1

Innoson Umu -SideView-1

Innoson Umu -RearView-1


  1. Really doesn’t look bad…and the price is competitive compared to similar auto and specs. Good work but can they meet demand and after-sales requests?

  2. if they can arrange vehicle financing deals with banks and get a few govt or big business supply deals, they should move substantial units. aesthetics will be refined in future iterations, if they manage to to survive

  3. It looks quite good. Crash test result available anywhere? I googled their hatchback model just now and the results I got on the first page had this article and other sites linked to this page at the top (seriously. An auto review from a mostly mobile tech blog has the only decent article on the first page for your brand)

    Innoson should at the very least put out tons of information regarding their product online. I shouldn’t have to dig through the Internet. I’m still skeptical about the brand and they have a lot to prove. Thankfully their design language is more aesthetically appealing than virtually every TATA model I’ve seen till date.

    Side note: government should make this default auto brand for all Government officials. A step in getting our economy out of this smelling dump it is luxuriating in

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