Innovation Street: Syrian Rebels Aim Mortars using iPads

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I am a fan of technology put to use for solving real problems, and that includes war problems. Back in March 2013, I shared how Syrian rebels used a Samsung Galaxy Note II to aim locally made missiles. Now, we have another scenario in which it is an iPad that is the (yes, crude) targeting system in the hands of same militia. Have a look:

Syrian rebels mortar ipad

Yes; there is nothing glamorous about war, but is this an innovative use of mobile technology? Certainly. Plus, hopefully, if the iPad helps them hit their targets more accurately, collateral damage can be minimised.

I always ask, What do you do with your gadgets? technology for the sake of technology is meaningless to me. I really do not care much what mobile device you own if you are not using it to solve problems and meet your needs.


  1. Smartphones, modern ones, are said to pack more computing power than the gargantuan computers of the Seventies.

    We literally have.. in our palms ..awesome malleable technology.

    People used to pay Instructors to train them to use computers. We used to pay good money to purchase software. Those eras are gone forever.

    Now, with every Morufu, Chinyere and Kafayat able to afford this wonderful tech, making optimal use of these devices will continue to elude most people.

    On a broad scale, smart devices… in the less developed parts of the world, would be more ornamental than functional pieces…

    And that’s a real pity

    But, in the hands of skilled and knowledgeable users, we will continue to see innovative use.

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