2 innovative Nigerian financial apps you should be using

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In recent times, two new Nigerian financial apps have caught my attention. The needs that they address are clear and cut, and they address those needs in a marked departure from existing players in the financial market. Permit me to share them with you.

Nigerian mobile financial services

PayLater.ng is a credit service that gives you loans of up to N10,000 without requiring any documentation or collateral. Surprised? The whole idea is brilliant though. You start off based on your social media credentials (specifically Facebook) and can build a credit rating that will qualify you for bigger amounts in the future depending on your performance.

Piggybank.ng helps you save a little part of your money periodically. You can programme Piggybank.ng to save a small amount of money daily, weekly or even monthly directly from your debit card.

A wise usage of the above two services can help you build a financially secure future for yourself. Notice the word “wise”. Access to credit facilities and the ability to save conveniently are two key requirements for financial success.

Both services are available on easy-to-use mobile-friendly websites. Want to start building today? There’s no better time than right now.

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