Instagram announces offensive comments filter

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Instagram has announced two new features to be added to the service, which are the offensive comments filter and the ability to block spam. Both of these features are designed to help improve the Instagram experience by making it a safe place for self-expression. Both features rely on machine learning to perform, and they are both expected to become more powerful over time as they get better at identifying offensive comments and spam.

Instagram states that in terms of offensive comments, the offensive comments filter owes its existence to the fact that this is one of the main aspects that stops users from enjoying the service. Therefore, Instagram will stop relying on users to report offensive comments and instead the filter will identify these offensive comments on its own. It will then remove them automatically. This is an optional feature, so the user will be able to enable or disable this feature by going to the Comments section in Settings.Instagram offensive comments filter

Currently, this offensive comments filter is only available in English. However, support for other languages will roll out soon. Also, users will still be able to report offensive comments if they do manage to slip through the filter. Also, the spam filter will work in the same way. Instagram explains that the filter will look to self-identify any comments that are considered to be span and remove them accordingly. The main difference with the spam filter is that it has a much wider degree of luggage support at launch. Also, in addition to English support, the filter identifies spam in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The announcement does not specifically detail whether the Android app will see an update with these features included. However, the app listing on the Google Play Store lists a June 28 update date. Therefore, it is possible that the latest version of the app already has these filters. Also, these filters are expected to come up in other platforms.

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