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Instagram business profiles just got a usability makeover. The most significant change is the removal of the Contact button – previously located beside the “Follow/Following” button above the bio. In its place are three new buttons labeled, “Call”, “Email” and “Directions”. These new buttons are located prominently below the bio section.

The Old Contact Button

IG business profiles old contact button

The New Instagram Business Profiles Contact Buttons

Here is how the new buttons are positioned when you view an Instagram business profile:
Instagram business profiles Call Email Directions buttons

If you tap the Call button, your phone dialer opens up with the business’ number entered already. Just hit the dial button to place your call. To open an email Compose page with the business’ email entered already, tap Email. And if you tap directions, Google Maps launches to show you the way to the business’ location. Nifty.

This new layout showed up today on the Android app. It is yet to reflect on the Windows 10 Mobile app but that should happen any moment from now. The changes to business profiles are a great move and are bound to increase user engagement with Instagram business owners.

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