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Instagram Nametag is a new way to connect with friends


Oct 6, 2018

Instagram Nametag is a unique and customizable identification card that makes it easier for everyone to connect.

It is no news that Instagram app, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, experienced a “brief” shut down on Thursday. The shut down lasted for over an hour. During the disappearing act, Instagram users turned to Twitter to tweet their plight. I can imagine what users with huge followings must have gone through.

Some days later, a new feature called “Nametag” appeared in the options menu on Instagram. This had me thinking that maybe the shut down was intentional to apply in this update. Nah! That is probably me being silly.

How Instagram Nametag works

Instagram Nametag works the same way barcodes work on other apps. The only difference is that nametag is not actually a barcode. Visually, it is a rounded edge square with your username displayed in it. Your nametag is unique to you and makes it easier to connect with people.

Other users can scan it to follow you and it automatically directs them to your Instagram profile. You can scan anyone’s nametag to follow them too. Just point your smartphone’s camera at a nametag you want to follow and their account will show up on your phone.

Nametags can also be edited and customized with colors, emoji background, and even with your selfie. Awesome!

That is just not all. You can save and share to any social network. This is brilliant, especially for those with confusing names on Instagram. Trust me I’ve got lots on those.

Instagram Nametag is available globally on both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is update your Instagram app and start using the feature.

Instagram Nametag

One other feature I noticed after updating my app is the “Quick replies” feature. Quick Replies lets you save replies to a question you are being asked frequently. Shortcuts to these answers can also be saved so you can access them easily.

How to get your Instagram Nametag

To get your Instagram nametag, tap on the three lines at the top right corner of your profile on Instagram, and you will see Nametag as an option. See this example:
Instagram nametag menu

To get the Quick Replies option, go to your Instagram settings, scroll down the options and voila. It is right there for you.

Hurry up to update your app and give it a try. Then jump right back here and let us know what you think of it.

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