Instagram screenshot alerts for Stories are on the way

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Very soon, Insta users will be able to monitor people who take screenshots of their Stories. A new feature called Instagram screenshot alerts for Stories is on the way and is already conducting tests with a limited set of users.

Instagram screenshot alerts for Stories

Participants in the test are getting a warning that the next time they take a screenshot or screen recording, the person who posted the story will be able to see it. So, everyone is warned upfront about the fact that their screen-grabbing activities can be monitored. To be fore-warned is to be….

How Do The New Instagram Screenshot Alerts Work?

The person who posted the story will not get a notification about the screenshot though, but if they go to the list of story viewers, they will see “a new camera shutter logo next to anyone who took a screenshot of their photo,” says a report on TechCrunch.

Instagram story screenshot alert monitor who

Will This Feature Get To Messaging Apps?

We like this feature and cannot wait to see other apps implement it too. Twitter is legendary for screenshots of tweets springing up and being used against people years later. Perhaps a screenshot alert will deter some.

Take WhatsApp as another example. Often you are having a private discussion with someone and the other party is taking screenshots of the conversation. At least, if such an alert is available, you will get to know who is doing what.

A screenshot alert feature in messaging apps will not hand you back your privacy 100%. But will serve as some deterrent to people who love to sneak surprises on others.

For example, will you take a screenshot of a private conversation, knowing that it will be seen by the other person? What of Insta Stories? Will you be more wary of taking that screenshot knowing that the other person can see what you did? Do you like the idea of this new Instagram Story feature? Tell us.

Meanwhile, you can expect to get this new Instagram screenshot alerts feature soon when it goes public, so be on the lookout for it.

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  1. I think that is very necessary to avoid unnecessary surprises. I wish every messaging app gets that feature.

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