The world has gone social networking and instant messaging. Keeping in touch with family, friends, colleagues and even customers via Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Mesnger and

Instant Messaging and Social Networking on the Nokia N900

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The world has gone social networking and instant messaging. Keeping in touch with family, friends, colleagues and even customers via Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Mesnger and other like services has become an acceptable way of life.

In this part of my review series of the various features of the Nokia N900, I will be looking at how social networking and instant messaging services fare on this mobile computer.

The N900 comes with built-in support for instant messaging within the contacts application. No need for a 3rd party app. You open a contact and select the service you want to use and the conversations (messaging) interface presents your interactions in threaded view. Chats are saved automatically to the device so you can reference them later – just like your SMS.


Out of the box, the N900 supports Skype, SIP, and Google Talk within the Contacts application. But, here is where it gets better, there is a plugin that allows you to add even more services, turning the N900 into a social networking monster. In all, you get:

  1. Facebook
  2. Gadu Gadu
  3. Google Talk
  4. ICQ
  5. Jabber
  6. MSN
  7. Ovi
  8. QQ
  9. SIP
  10. Salut
  11. Skype
  12. Yahoo

That’s twelve (12) services all integrated into your Contacts and Conversations. Just to be sure that you understand this. I am not talking about 12 separate applications. All of them are integrated into the Contacts and Conversations on the device.


Now add to these the fact that you can sort your contacts by their availability online, so those who are currently online show up at the top of your contacts list.

You can also set your own status/availability for Yahoo, Google Talk and Facebook Chat. You can create a custom status and even specify your location, if you so desire.


The feature list is extensive and the usability is tops. What Nokia have done with Contacts and Conversations on the N900 is simply awesome. I have never had it this good with instant messaging.

Of course, if you want more than just chat, there are 3rd party apps for Facebook, for example, as well as Twitter and others. These function apart from the Contacts and Conversations apps, but they work well too. Screenshot below is that of friends’ status updates on FaceBrick, a standalone facebook app:


No device is perfect – not even the N900, and I know enough to say that its not for everyone. But permit me to say that I am loving this big guy, and I can’t say that enough!


  1. Amazing! 12 services? Now thats a real attraction for people having buddies spread across various services.

  2. My fault for playing devils advocate but most folks wouldnt talk about the biggest disadvantage of having those services. Ur battery life is at stake…it chops into that thing so much, you wonder why its even there. ooh and the phone slowdown was a big minus for me. I mean for someone like me wit over a thousand contacts, Maemo is forced to fetch updated information of all of them everytime.

    It will be nice for the folks at Espoo to consider only updating my facebook contacts already in my contact book and not all 1000+. Ahh well, my fix was simpple: get rid of facebook chat and stick to ovi and google voice and like in your other article, overclock this badboy for that added umph!

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