Intel features Banky W in the ‘Create Your Tomorrow’ Campus Gig

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Yep! The ladies love him, and the guys want to be him. (just admit jo) Our very own, the ladies man and super-hot soul artiste, Banky W will be interacting one-on-one with his fans and lovers of technology on May 14th, 2013 at the main auditorium of the famous UNILAG. Be a part of your own tomorrow today. Click here for more details on how to participate and win amazing prizes and opportunities.


The ‘Create Your Tomorrow Campus’ Thingy
I’m told it’ll be the shiznit and that you and I could win amazing prizes as well as meet Mr. ‘Capable’ himself…the King of Soul…Banky W at the Intel-sponsored ‘Create Your Tomorrow’ UNILAG campus gig on May 14th, 2013. So would you be my lov…sorry I mean will you check it out? Yes, no, yes, no, YEEEESSSSS? Click here for more info on how you can participate to win amazing prizes and be the proud owner of a brand new Intel-powered laptop.

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