Running an internet business without using a PC isn’t so difficult

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Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, says he runs two million-dollar internet business operations without using a PC, laptop or tablet. That sounds amazing. You can too if you follow a basic principle that I mention in this article.

Jack Dorsey is a computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur and CEO of both Twitter and Square, two million-dollar internet businesses. He has publicly stated that he does not use a computer, laptop or tablet. Apparently, all he uses is a cell phone.

Incredulous? Yes; it sounds so, but he did say it and we have the evidence too. Have a look at this tweet:

and this tweet:

“How is that even possible?” you may be asking.

twitter ceo no pc tablet

A 2015 Wall Street Journal article says that Jack “has no office or desk at either company”. I wonder if that is still the same situation. But then without a PC or a laptop, what does he need a desk for anyway?

twitter ceo jack dorsey runs his internet businesses without a PC, laptop or tablet

For several months some years ago, I ran a small webhosting business on my smartphone only. I had no PC or laptop for the period, so I know it is possible. The question on your mind, however, must be how possible it is to run businesses on the scale of Twitter and Square that same way. My webhosting business was a small operation after-all.

Running An Internet Business Without A PC

Here are my thoughts about how you can pull off running huge internet business operations without using a PC, laptop or tablet.

Employ and delegate. You delegate everything except your meetings, supervision, and emails.

Your programmers need PCs to do their work. Your secretary probably needs one too. Technical support people need PCs. If you let everyone do their jobs, chances are that you can get away with not using a PC yourself. The CEO does not necessarily need a PC.

All collaboration and communication tools are available on mobile, so keeping in touch and up-to-date with goings-on in the business shouldn’t be difficult. The CEO’s job is largely co-ordination/management.

MobilityArena team internet business on phone

In my own case now, as a digital publisher managing both MobilityArena and CPAfrica, I would have to delegate all of writing, editing, and technical support to get rid of my laptop. Everything. My only job would be to have a look at the end results/products and provide feedback, make policies, have meetings, and the like.

But I love tweaking here and there, so I am still tied to a PC. Maybe it is time to retire from that life and go 100% mobile too.

But you get the point. It isn’t so difficult if you build a team and only manage it. The CEO’s job is not to do all of the work but to manage the team so they get their work done.

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