Internet Explorer 11 mobile now a very modern browser

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There was a time when the Windows Phone version of Internet Explorer was not quite up to date. Multimedia handling was poor and page rendering wasn’t always pleasant. That changed with Windows Phone 8.1 Update which came with an updated version of IE11 that ticks the boxes right. Microsoft says that “Windows Phone 8.1 Update includes hundreds of Internet Explorer 11 enhancements that greatly increase compatibility with the mobile web.”


  • Seriously improved mobile web page rendering
  • Inline or Full screen video playback in web pages
  • Videos can play natively in the browser without plug-ins
  • HTML5 media element events, attributes and properties are fully supported as well
  • Multiple audio elements can play simultaneously on a single page, making it possible to use HTML5 audio with games or interactive Web apps
  • video playback works on 512MB RAM phones
  • supports Media Source Extensions

The image above shows how Twitter used to load (left) and how it loads in its full rich format now (right). I am running the 8,1 Update on the Lumia 930 and the improvements are superb. Internet Explorer mobile is a much up-to-date mobile browser now.

Do you have a device running Windows Phone 8.1 Update? What has your experience with the web browser been like?

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