For years, Evernote has been a lifesaver to me, helping me to take quick notes, save articles I want to read later, and keeping my

Evernote for Gmail: my favourite note-taking tool gets even better

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For years, Evernote has been a lifesaver to me, helping me to take quick notes, save articles I want to read later, and keeping my notes synced across devices. And now, this great tool has gotten better with the introduction of Evernote for Gmail.

A list of my must-have apps includes Evernote, as I am regularly searching out information that I stored away donkey years ago, as well as adding new information to it. When I got the email announcing Evernote for Gmail, I literally jumped in excitement.

Let me share the key points about this new integration.

So much of your life is in your inbox: messages, attachments, ideas, lists, goals. Don’t let the important communication stuff from friends and co-workers get lost in the shuffle—bring it all into Evernote.

Evernote for Gmail lets you take what matters out of your inbox and into a distraction-free workspace where you can curate your content, add context, and stay focused.

Evernote for Gmail

Benefits of Evernote for Gmail

With Evernote for Gmail you can:

Focus on what matters – move your emails into Evernote so they don’t get buried under inbox overload.

Write better emails – find your Evernote content fast to write better emails without extra effort.

Save time – keep emails in Evernote and easily find them when you need them.

Stay organized – store your content the way you want in Evernote.

Collect and collaborate – save important emails into notes and share them as public links to Evernote.

Best of all, you can do all this and more—right from Gmail.

With the Evernote for Gmail add-on, you can put your important emails where you do your important work and get more done.

sync everything with Evernote

Adding Evernote to Gmail

This new handy tool that has been added to Evernote sounds like what I needed to make the app even better for my use.

So I quickly installed it right from the comfort of my mobile phone, and with a few taps, I was good to go.

I gave it an initial access period of 30 days. There are other options, including for a week or a year. You can also revoke Gmail access at any time.

Now, whether I am on desktop or mobile, I can save and share important emails to Evernote without leaving Gmail. An Evernote add-on icon shows up at the bottom of an email you are reading. Tap it to see options to save to Evernote.

evernote for gmail add-on

For example, I am subscribed to a number of newsletters that I am constantly learning from, I can save away key thoughts, concepts and information to Evernote right from inside Gmail.

email saved successfully to Evernote

I get an important update? Tap to save to Evernote. I can read them later by opening the Evernote app. And anytime I switch to a new device, I have all my notes synced over as always.

Brilliant work, guys. Brilliant.

If you already use Evernote (available for Windows, Android and iOS), or you are interested in trying it out, click here to learn more about Evernote for Gmail.

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