Introducing WhereYouDey Android app

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WhereYouDey Android

More and more Nigerian mobile app developers are stepping up to the plate. is businesses listing product that serves major cities in Nigeria. They recently launched an Android app that has seen tremendous adoption.

We will be reviewing this app here in the coming days. In the meantime, you can download the app from the Android Market Place. Simply search for “whereyoudey”. Alternatively, you can text “AndroidApp” to 33812.

  1. Whereyoudey Mobile App exist for Nokia, Samsung and Sony. I have the nokia and Sony apps on both phones. just send an SMS text to 33812 and type nokiapp in the message box.

    They will definitely do well, these whereyoudey guys. Problem is they are not so easy locate. I am trying to pitch an idea to them. Mobility can you give me their contact?

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