iOS 11.0.3 is causing poor battery life and other issues

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iPhone and iPad users who upgraded to iOS 11.0.3 are complaining of poor performance and poorer battery life, among other issues, on their devices. Some of these problems started right from iOS 11, with Apple rushing out updates (iOS 11.0.1, iOS 11.0.2, and now iOS 11.0.3). It appears that iOS11 has been bug-ridden all the way.

iOS 11.0.3 update

Battery drain is a common iOS problem that usually pops up immediately after a major iOS upgrade release, but Wandera, a security firm, took time to investigate why iOS 11 users are running on empty. Their finding was that the average iDevice running iOS 11 lasts about 96 minutes. Trouble.

Reported iOS 11.0.3 Problems

Some of the other issues that users are complaining about include:

  • stability
  • Touch ID
  • Bluetooth.
  • Privacy
  • Calendar app not working
  • Homescreen time display disappears intermittently
  • home button not working at intervals
  • Frozen phone
  • Unresponsive display

A user complaining about battery drain had this to say:

My battery life sucks ever since the upgrade. Before the upgrade, I charged my iPad twice, sometimes 3 times a week. Now it needs to be charged everyday. Also, half the time I put it on the charger, it doesn’t charge. I rue the day I upgraded to iOS 11. Source

On the privacy end, a bug has been found that allows unathorised people to access private photos on iPhones running iOS 11.0.3.

Here is a tweet from a user who had updated to the current version in hopes of a fix:

Apple’s Twitter Support handle has been inundated with complaints about bugs and problems with IOS 11.

While there will be iPhone and iPad users who have pleasant experiences with iOS 11, it does appear that there is a significant mass of users who are finding it a rather unpleasant ride. If you are yet to update to iOS 11, perhaps it is a good idea to hold off till Apple has things fixed. Bear this in mind, especially if you use an older iPhone or iPad model.

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