Some iOS 11 problems Apple needs to fix

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iOS 11 will soon be upon us. The operating system is currently in the hands of beta testers, and the reports are coming in. So far, iOS 11 has been great. However, there are some things Apple still has to fix before the software is released to the public. Here are some iOS 11 problems Apple needs to fix:


According to reports, the new Control Center is an amazing piece of work. Apple even lets users add extra controls. However, the Control Center has some major design flaws. For example, the iOS 10 version looks better. It is difficult to read the text, and the user has to 3D Touch the Now Playing tile to bring up the option to change audio outputs. Apple needs to work on these before releasing iOS 11.


Right now, the 3D Touch App Switcher gesture is not available in iOS 11. While this might not be used by everyone, it is a useful feature, especially on the Plus models. We certainly hope that Apple can bring it back before the release of the software.iOS 11 problems


Drag and Drop is one of the biggest features in iOS 11. Apple has not publicized it, but drag and drop works in apps like Files on the iPhone. Now we certainly hope that Apple can make this feature work well on iOS 11.


In iOS 11, both the Lock Screen and Notification Center are the same thing. When you swipe down on the notification center, you’re essentially locking the screen. right now, you can see the Press Home to Unlock text in the bottom. Furthermore, reports suggest that the Unified Notifications part is seriously confusing. When you swipe down, you see the current notifications. but if you have older notifications, you need to swipe up once again on both the Lock Screen and Notification Center to view them. This is very confusing.


Apparently, the user interface still has some problems. The main example of this has been the apps that have been redesigned. Apple also added huge headers for app sections that don’t really belong there.

These iOS problems certainly do not look so innocent, and they might be detrimental to the overall user experience with future iPhones. Hopefully Apple will fix these iOS 11 problems before the operating system gets released in three months.

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