iOS 5 Battery Issues

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iOS5 Battery

Since the release of Apple’s most advanced mobile operating system, the iOS 5, some users have experienced significant reduction in the battery life of their idevices. It appears a bug in the software constantly tries to access the location-based data.

Apple has officially released the version 5.0.1 upgrade which addresses that issue. Right now, the beta version is only available to individuals with Developer Accounts. The final version will be released once further testing has been completed on the beta version.

If you’re experiencing this battery drain issue, a quick fix would be to turn off ‘Location’ in the Settings app. Most users have experienced significant improvements with location settings turned off.


  1. The battery isn’t the only problem with the IOS 5. I have apps freeze and some just quit/shut down for no reason.

  2. I think Apple rushed the iOS5 release. There are still so many bugs despite the fact that it had 9 beta releases before the final version which, I dare say, is still a beta. All in all, I still think its a huge improvement over the previous 4,3,5 and Apple’s way of staying relevant in the rapidly advancing mobile world

  3. @belushi: That depends on what you’re doing with the device. The 4S just about lasts me a whole day despite straddling it almost everytime, but some people aren’t that lucky as they have been reporting below par battery life. I hope the 5.0.1 fix will solve all the problems though

  4. Last week A Guy returned his phone to the shop he bought it because the battery sucks.

    The seller checked his phone and found out that 3G, Wifi and GPS we on and screen brightness was also set at maximum.

    He was adviced to off 3G, Wifi and GPS when not needed and also reduce screen brightness. He called back to say his phone is now working fine.

    People should learn that the first thing to do when you get a phone is to modify the settings to suit you.

    Its great to know that in addition to the above already done by some smart users, Apple is also releasing an update to solve the issue.

  5. People should learn that the first thing to do when you get a phone is to modify the settings to suit you.

    True – but…
    I would expect that the manufacturer of any device whould choose reasonable settings from their factory?

    When you buy a tv set and you find the brightness level set to highest, volume set to lowest from factory, you would probably consider that dumb.

    If i buy a phone and earpiece volume and ringing volumes set to lowest i would also consider this asinine..

    The world is too impatient to read manuals and fiddle with settings – except for the nerds….

  6. We have to continue to preach it, modify all settings to suit your needs.

    Factory setting are always set to bring out the best power of a device, which is not necessary the best in real life usage.

    Be it Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet, Bluray or HDTV; modify does setting.

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