There is no doubt that the app wars are heating up. According to the statistics, there are more than 6.5 million mobile apps with Google


Top 5 Challenges For iOS App Developers

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There is no doubt that the app wars are heating up. According to the statistics, there are more than 6.5 million mobile apps with Google Play store leading the race with 2.8 million apps, closely followed by Apple iOS with more than 2.2 million apps. When it comes to app revenues, Apple app store takes the lead as it generates more revenues from lesser number of apps as compared to Google Play. This makes iOS app development a lucrative proposition for most app developers but there are numerous challenges that iOS app developers will have to overcome before they can reap the rewards.


In this article, we look at some of the biggest challenges iOS developers face and how to deal with them.

Getting App Store Approval

Unlike other app stores, Apple app store has a strict vetting process that every app will have to pass before getting the app store approval from Apple. Make sure that you know all the app store guidelines and rules before starting the app development process. This will help app developers in ensuring that their mobile app fulfills the requirements set by app store, which makes it easier for the app to pass the vetting test.


Once you get the approval, you can put your mobile app up for download.

Compatibility Issues

Mobile devices from Apple including iPhone, iPad and even iPod have the same operating system but differ greatly in screen sizes and resolution. Making sure that your mobile app is compatible with all Apple devices is a daunting challenge for iOS developers. They can easily overcome compatibility issues by testing their mobile app with TaaS products. These products help app developers to run automatic regression tests and security tests, which will highlight any compatibility issues so you can fix them easily.


Managing App Performance

Apple is famous for its brilliant hardware-software integration, which help apps to run smoothly even on older hardware. This is the reason why Apple still dominates the market with devices inferior hardware capabilities than competitors. As an iOS mobile app developer, you will have to strike the right balance between performance and resource use to deliver an immersive user experience to users. Memory management is another aspect where app developers have to work on because iOS devices do not have garbage collection feature. App developers can resolve their memory management woes by using Objective C to develop apps because it offers an effective memory management model, which is easy to implement and save app developers from hassle.

Beta User Testing

Who will use your mobile application? It is the user, right. So, why not let the users test your mobile app before releasing it officially. There are numerous benefits of beta testing an app. Users can check the functionality and point out issues which will help you to iron them out before putting your mobile app up for download on Apple’s app
store. Unfortunately, beta user testing an app is not easy in iOS. App developers will also need to take into account the difference in bandwidth, as most users do not have the bandwidth that app developers have so the experience will be completely different on user’s end.

Apps in Sandboxed Environment

Running your app in a sandbox environment help you test your mobile app components without messing them up. Sandbox provides a virtual testing environment to test your mobile app without disturbing other activities. The problem arises when an iOS app have to fetch data from outside the sandbox directory. Third party integration into a sandbox environment is not great either in iOS, which can pose a challenge to app developers who are developing an app for iPhone.


iOS App Developers


From getting app store approval to getting the app beta testing, there are many challenges that iOS app developers will have to overcome to make their app a success.

Put yourself in user shoes and then develop an app, it will help you deliver a perfect user experience that will force your app users to come back for more. If you are facing any other challenge as an iOS app developer, then feel free to share it with us in comments section below.

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