iOS Gets More Developer-friendly

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I know that many mobile users love to be able to sideload apps, to their devices, especially if it means avoiding paying for it. IOS users, who want to eat their cake and have it, want all the niceness of the platform, plus all the liberty of other less restricted platforms. This is often achieved by jailbreaking the device and installing apps via 3rd party depositories. Well, the ability to do that seems to be going down the drain fast.

First it was Installous. Now, Kuaiyong and Zeusmos. These services have all shut down in recent times. I find the timing suspicious and refuse to believe that it is a coincidence. My Spider Sense tells me that Apple is behind this, directly or indirectly. If only the darn Spider Sense would do more than tingle and give me greater details!

Anyway, the question is, Is this recent shutdown of sources of pirated iOS apps a good move? In my opinion, it is. I am not a developer, but I am a creative in many other ways, and I know how painful it is to have slaved away for weeks or months to create something and see others deny one of rightful income due from one’s labours. Cleaning up 3rd party piracy on iOS means that Apple developers can enjoy better returns. At least in theory.

The situation is much worse on Android. While I had the BlackBerry PlayBook, I sideloaded Android apps. Many were free apps anyway, but I ran into quite a number of otherwise commercial apps that were available for free via sideloading. The developers of those apps get nothing each time their works are downloaded and installed. I am not sure if we will ever see greater control in favour of Android developers due to the platform’s more open nature. Windows Phone is a more controlled environment and should offer a greater level of developer protection, but who knows what levels of piracy will occur there as it gains traction?

Of course, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Three 3rd party iOS depositories have been shut down. Five could spring up in their place. Actually, one good replacement is more than enough. Still, for now, iOS developers must be a little happier.


  1. I am not sure if we will ever
    see greater control in favour
    of Android developers due to
    the platform’s more open

    ian app verification system was implemented on Android (I think on ICS) initially, but was removed subsequently because of some implementation errors.

    I believe it would be iimplemenyed again, properly, soon

  2. Apple certainly must have something to do with those shutdowns, either by threatening to sue or settling. And if it is ever by settling, trust me, just as noted on this article, more will very likely spring up because others will now see it as a lucrative business. Set up an iOS piracy site and grow it to become very popular and be settled later by Apple.

  3. I suspect Apple, though I feel it could also be linked to the fact that jail breaking iPhone is illegal in US in 2013

  4. @bosun,are you sure about the illegality of jailbreaking? Because the last time I heard apple lost the case in court.

  5. My Bad,

    Jailbreaking the iPad and Unlocking the iPhone.

    The U.S. Library of Congress has ruled that jailbreaking the iPad and unlocking iPhones purchased after January 2013 is no longer legal.

    Jailbreaking iPhones is still allowed under exemptions to the DMCA that will be in effect for three years.

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