iOS loses tablet dominance also to Android

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I wasn’t surprised when Android pushed iOS to second place in the smartphone market. As I have said over and over again, Apple’s model means that their platform would end up a niche one. Not surprisingly, iOS has now lost its famed tablet dominance to Android OS. Is anyone really surprised? Perhaps only die-hard Apple fanboys.

A year ago, the iPad dominated the tablet space and it looked like nothing could change that. Today, according to statistics from IDC, the tables are fully turned and Android tablets now own over 60% of the tablet market. Here is how tablet operating systems stand as at the end of 2nd quarter 2013:

In response to how fast the smartphone landscape has changed, Apple has introduced a cheaper iPad Mini, and rumours are that an iPhone Mini is on the way too. Good move by Apple. The revolution takes place in the mid-tier and low-tier markets and any move to service part of those segments is a good one.

Here is how Phone Arena sums up the new situation of the tablet market:

“The 163% gain in Android tablet shipments has allowed tablets powered by Google’s open source OS to take a 62.6% share of the global tablet market last quarter versus the 32.5% held by Apple. Amazingly, just one year before, Apple had 60.3% of the tablet market while Android owned 38%.”

iOS dominance is over. Android rules supreme, holding sway over both smartphones and tablets. Head over to Phone Arena to read a more detailed report.


  1. Definitely not surprised. It was only a matter of time. Apple only had a massive headway in the tablet market because they started the trend. They also really prepared before releasing the iPad.
    I think Android rushed into the tablet business with Honeycomb too early. But, as soon as they got their act together with ICS, and then Jelly Bean, they just had to overtake Apple. Kudos to the Amazon Kindle for the massive soar.

  2. Hmmm, that’s the power of an open, free source OS platform.

    That’s the beauty of democracy in technology.

    I hereby define Android as Technology of the people by Google for all the peoples of the world without discrimination.

    With the newly launched 2013 Nexus 7 tablet, imminent Amazon’s new Kindle Fire ones, more options from Samsung, new LG Tab Book and others, Apple can only continue to lose market share.

    Not only in tablet sphere; But also in smartphone terrain.

    Competition is a good thing.

  3. Calling on all developers to get on the train now while the train is not moving fast yet.

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