It is being rumoured that Apple is preparing major design changes with iOS 7, which should be announced in a matter of weeks. Yaaay! I

iOS to follow Windows Phone’s minimalism? God forbid!

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It is being rumoured that Apple is preparing major design changes with iOS 7, which should be announced in a matter of weeks. Yaaay! I rejoiced when I first heard it. Then I got more details: the new look iOS will be “black, white and flat all over.” Wait, are you telling me that Apple realises that Microsoft are on to something with the Windows Phone UI? That is the same Windows Phone UI that has been hailed as clean, elegant and beautiful? The minimalist Windows Phone UI? If the rumours are to be believed, iOS is going more minimalist. I mean, black, white and flat suggests minimalism to the core. But it gets even better.

Have you used iOS before? That is the same mobile OS that has been hailed in every quarter. But did you ever notice how different some of the apps look – like they were designed by different teams who had no common design guidelines? Well, iOS 7 wants to solve that problem too by implementing a common design theme across all apps – Notes, Mail, Calendar and Maps will gain a more unified look. Guess who brought that to the table in recent times. Yes; Microsoft with the unified look and feel of Windows Phone. Microsoft is leading and innovating. Apple is copying. Again. As they have always done. Apple sees a good thing and copies it. Ladies and gentlemen, hate Windows Phone all you like, but if these rumours are true, they are confirmation that the Windows Phone UI is the best thing since Agege bread.

Perhaps some day, we shall also see some streamlining of the motley mix that is the Android UI. Perhaps. Meanwhile, finally, iOS might just get my attention. Just. But for now, all these are rumours. I am not Thomas, but until I see official info and images from Apple confirming these new design shifts, I am not holding my breath. Three hearty cheers for elegant user interfaces!

If this interests you further, you can go read all the juicy details on 9to5mac.


  1. I’ve always favoured a minimalistic design, all those different colors gives me a headache, I’m one of those that like WP’s design.

  2. hmmm.

    it is said that one of the contributing factors to depression is lack of variety.

    chaos, as in colour riots, is good for the soul’

    who wants all apps sporting the SAME drab look? Not me!

    Colour variety is the spice of life.

    Design an OS that allows developers to. give us apps that I can customize however I wish, and users theme the OS to their hearts` desire.

    iOS should focus on all those weaknesses that manage to make mundane tasks seem like rocket science.

    who cares if they go monochrome, and less curvaceous? hmmmph!

  3. Windows’ minimalist template is indeed an elegant one. The so-called black and white way Apple wants to go will surely be a most boring monotony. Let’s wait and see the visceral response of iOS users to the alleged new minimalism of their UI.

    By the way, Apple remain a hypocritical copycat that paints others as one. These days, they no longer blaze a trail; they are playing catch-up. They are under pressure from Android and Windows advances and innovations.

    If not for Android, the smartphone market would have been iOS monopoly.

  4. God Forbid? please dont deceive anyone o, you were never a fan of Apple in the first place. Saying God forbid gives people the impression that youre an ardent iOS user and would prefer the status quo.

    By the way, this is one of most biased article I’ve seen on a tech site. Just because iOS is going flatter with a more black and white look that makes it a window copy cat? Very funny. I know Apple is the company people love to hate but this is way overboard. The link to 9to5 Mac which you referred us has the substance as to why the change is even considered. Again, we’ve not even seen iOS 7 yet and you’re already saying apple copied MSFT. Nawa o. At least for a tech site you already know that before Ive, Scott headed that division and Steve favoured the current look. It wasn’t like other designs were not contemplated anyway.

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