iOS users get new WhatsApp updates, including Quick Replies

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iPhone users will be delighted with the new WhatsApp updates. WhatsApp has confirmed that the latest app updates will bring a lot of new features. These include camera filters, albums, reply shortcuts and so on.

The Albums feature will make it easier to arrange a group of pictures sent or received on WhatsApp, as long as they are set into a group of four or more. This will create a tile display within your message, and tapping on the album will open it full screen.whatsapp updates

There is also the Photo Filters feature, which is likely the biggest feature to come with this update. Similar to Instagram filters, you can apply a set of filters to pictures, GIFs and videos. These filters will be embedded directly into the camera, enabling users to click pictures with layers on them from inside the app, rather than taking pictures and editing them after the fact. There are just five filters for now, but we can expect future updates to bring more filters.

WhatsApp is also bringing a new feature called Quick Replies. This involves gesture controls, to improve the chatting experience. Users can now swipe right on a certain text to quickly reply it. This is especially important in group chats. As you can remember, WhatsApp added a feature to help users reply messages in group chats faster by adding the “@” symbol. The Quick Replies feature is yet another step in that direction.

Ever since WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, the platform has seen various new innovations. Some of these have been viewed favorably, while others have not. These additions fall in line with the company’s aim to provide better usage experience to the app’s ever-increasing user base. Now, the above-listed WhatsApp updates are for iOS users only. There has been no word as to when a corresponding update will be out for Android users, but we can expect it to be soon.

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