It is no more news that iOS 6 is finally out and already hitting iDevices across planet earth. iFans all over the world are mostly

iOS6 update – Facebook gets in bed with Apple against Google?

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It is no more news that iOS 6 is finally out and already hitting iDevices across planet earth. iFans all over the world are mostly happy with the update and the benefits that it brings to their devices. However, with this update, Apple seems determined more than ever to push Google’s services out of their ecosystem. YouTube is out. Google Maps got the boot. Now, it is reported that iOS users find that their Gmail addresses are not being pulled in by iOS 6 Facebook Contact Sync.

Did Facebook get in bed with Apple in their battle against Google? Or, is this just a technical hitch of some sort? What’s your take? Do tell us what you think.

iMaps Teething Problems
In related news, with Google Maps now thrown out of iOS, many iOS users are reporting some crazy results with the new in-house maps application. Crazy results like whole towns and prominent landmarks missing, as well as some towns and cities renamed (welcome to the iUniverse, an alternate universe to our current earth). In some cases, an address is placed in the wrong city. iOS6 users who run into any of these issues can use Google Maps online. Here’s hoping against hope (considering how hostile the iUniverse has become to Google services) that Google will release an App Store version of Google Maps.

What has also been your experience with using the new iOS6 Maps application? The floor is yours.

  1. I wont be surprised if Apple does not allow Google Maps app on iOS.
    Apple forgot to tell users that its new map is in Beta.

  2. Apple is a bully. That is why they call the iphone users isheeps. You cannot have it your way buying their product. You must be controlled. So like my wife’s iphone that has all her contacts /addresses on Google contacts, she is bound to loose them if she updates to ios6? I will rather leave it on ios5.

    I have seen comparison btw the new ios6 map and google maps. The ios6 maps are so terrible. Supports less countries. Why not allow options on your phone? Let users make their choice of what map or address book manager to use? People spent $650 for that iphone5 for Christ’s sake!

    This is why I will stick to my android. Options berekete. I paid for the phone. I should own it, not the manufacturer.

  3. This kind of roforofo fight between Tech Giants always has my adrenal glands working overtime.

    Thank God there are alternatives. I hope we always have e alternatives.

    For those who want to be “Prisoners Of Apple”, it is their choice.

  4. If Apple like, let them go to bed with Microsoft, Amazon, HP, Intel, etc just to spite Google or other rivals. It’s a despicable corporate vendetta at its worst. Something not good for the tech industry and the consumers. The truth is, it’s Apple that will suffer the consequences. Google is far too entrenched, experienced, massive and moneyed to be affected by Apple’s sour grapes. For now, the effects of Apple’s bitterness against are already showing in the over-rated iPhone 5. Complaints galore: wobbly map app that only works in US, battery draining bug in iOS6, Wifi defects, etc. After all the initial frenzy for the iPhone 5 fizzles out, Apple fans will be frustrated. All this shows that NO SMARTPHONE IN THE WORLD IS PERFECT and can never be perfect because human beings are imperfect, including the so-called knighted designers at Cupertino.

  5. Well said. I understand patriotism, but even at that lots of American bloggers are just not honest enough to call it what it is, for a device that the manufacturer makes nearly $400 in profit, you would expect better.

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