iOS8: What you should know before updating

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News on Apple has been buzzing all over social media and internet, with the launch of the much leaked iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones earlier this week. As common practice with Apple, new phone releases are accompanied with OS software update, and here we are, iOS 8 lies bare before us.

The new OS comes with wholesome features which includes better photo editing, family sharing (Multiple users) , keyboard enhancements- with the ability to install 3rd party keyboard apps- interactive notifications and more. Most people must have already downloaded and updated but, but if you haven’t, be sure to take note of these issues before you dive in.

First, this update is huge!! Up to 5 GB in size, so it might require you to delete your cherished files to be able to update. Therefore be sure to backup and check out this post by SuperSanusi on how to update to iOS8 without losing your files.

Another cause for concern, is for the iPhone 4S users. Though Apple clearly stated that the 4s model supports iOS 8, what you actually get is a different experience from the iPhone 5s and 6 owners. The iPhone 4S doesn’t have the hardware that supports Touch ID, AirDrop, and OpenGL ES 3.0. The 4s is the slowest iPhone (to support iOS 8), as it has 2.4GHz, only 802.11n Wi-Fi, no LTE connectivity, and an old Apple A5 chip that lags behind the A7 chip on iPhone 5s, and worse off the A8 chip on the iPhone 6, both in terms of performance and speed. So u can imagine how laggy iOS 8 will be on the 4s right now.

Also don’t forget the tiny 3.5 inch screen on the 4s 🙂

If you have an Apple iPhone 4s, its best you chill for further updates so that some of these bugs can be fixed, before you update.


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