If you’re an Apple product lover with lots of devices – iPad, iPhone, or Mac – you will understand the grief of using iCloud and


IOTransfer is a free iPhone file transfer and management tool

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If you’re an Apple product lover with lots of devices – iPad, iPhone, or Mac – you will understand the grief of using iCloud and iTunes for your backups and device syncing. An iPhone file transfer tool that actually works will go a long way in solving that problem.


IOTransfer is a free iPhone file transfer tool that makes file management and transfer of photos, musics, movies, books, voice memos, and podcasts between iDevices easy and convenient.

Do You Need An iPhone File Transfer Tool?

All iDevice users- whether you use an iPhone, an iPad, or a Mac – will find IOTransfer useful. If you’re tired of the hassles of updating your iTunes to the latest version due to jailbreaking reasons, then IOTransfer is just what you need. It is free and convenient.


If you are facing limited disk space on your Apple device, IOTransfer helps you free up disk space for your favorite movies, musics, and photos.

How To Setup in 3 Steps

Connect your devices with a USB cable. IOTransfer should roecognize your device and with only three clicks you can sync to iTunes, PC, and to any other iDevice.


IOTransfer iPhone file transfer too

IOTransfer Features

1. Intuitive User-interface
When you launch your IOTransfer, you get the same experience as if you’re using your iPhone. The icons are laid out just as if it’s an Apple product.

2. Compatible with all file formats
You can transfer any file – apps, music, books, videos, podcasts, voice memos, photos – with IOTransfer. It has 2-way transfer which makes it easy to import or export files from iPhone to any device. This makes it possible for
you to transfer iPhone music, videos, photos, files to anyone at anytime, anywhere.


3. Bulk Transfers
You can do a mass import or export of your files using IOTransfer. This feature makes it easy to transfer huge files easily. Imagine you are downgrading or trying to upgrade to a newer version of IOS and you need to backup all your files. Using IOTransfer bulk transfer you will be done in no time. And the good thing is, it’s fast!

4. Supports both PC and Mac
For users of both PC and Mac, this tool comes in handy when you need to transfer files between both laptops.


IOTransfer looks like a great utility tool every iOS user should have. This iPhone manager eases the workflow of transferring files, great in recovering data and supports all iDevices. To get unlimited file transfer and premium support upgrade to the PRO version.

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  2. I tried it out but it seemed too basic for my needs. It did not have full access to the filesystem and so, I couldn’t transfer files to the individual apps.
    In my opinion, it can’t compare to iMazing which I currently use.

    Maybe , it will get better with time. Time will tell!

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